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step in front of each other.
Everybody look into object-lens. Attention.
I'm taking picture.
Crimea, 1980.
One more.
- Well, how's work on the book going?
- I have just finished a chapter
about Winston Churchill, it's called
"un-human risings and unseen falls".
If you're normal,
then you live some unnatural life.
I don't live life at all,
it's sad to live a life,
work - home, work - grave.
I live in fragile world of my dreams,
and life, what is life?
Practically life is just a window
thourg which i take a look from
time to time.
- And what do you see?
- Oh, well, nothing, something like fog.
I was working as a nurse in Orla.
He came to us from te hotel
on an ambulance, i was on the duty.
Later he told me he was alone,
lead unresting life
and wanted to settle down.
- How's that?
To have wife, children,
not right away but little later.
Why later?
Then he told me he liked me.
I thought about what life has
in store for me. Who's that?
That's my favourite singer Nick Cave,
and this is Yuri Gagarin
first man in the space,
and this is "Communication Tube".
- What?
"Communication Tube".
Sit down.
Let's pretend you want to share
with me some emotional experience.
Let's set tube in position #1.
Talk in there, i'll listen here. Go on, talk.
- What am i supposed to say?
-Well, what's between you and this daddy.
- Krymov?
- Yes.
What's up, are you asleep?
I love him.
He phoned me
every evening for three years,
now we're together again
and we don't want
to break up, neither me, nor him.
Now let's set tube in position #2.
Put your ear there, i'll here.
Yekaterina II exchanged letters
with Voltaire for a long
time. Can you hear good?
- Good.
- So, Yekaterina II
exchanged letters with Voltaire
for quite a long time,
simultaneously writing
open-content diary.
Other ladies well known in history
wrote just diaries,
and even then not all of them.
Revolution changed everything.
- What is that?
- These are just thoughts,
from upcoming book.
- And what has Yekaterina to do with this?
- And what has Krymov to do with this?
- But what if it rains? it'll get wet.
- I'll make special packet - from
polyethylene, with a string.
Hold it.
Sodium carbonicum - baking soda.
Astonishing picture of life
- palm in the snow.
Yalta during winter.
- Do you like the tube?
- It's a good thing.
- I give it to you.
Want an apple?
Here, take it.
What's that?
Photo-booth. A present. Look at it.
What's with our generalissimus?
Shitty business, dad. He's sitting steady.
We have to to him.
It's easy to say.
Then give something.
Doesn't take it good.
Too much or afraid?
Both too much and afraid.
There, sonny, one can't be tightfisted. Give as much as one asks for.
Rich people are special people.
What's that you got there?
A present. Communication tube. Good thing.
Communicatio...I didn't get it.
Communication tube.
Let's pretend, you want to tell something personal
to me. Sit down.
Let's put tube in position #1.
Let's put.
Talk there, I'll listen here.
By the way,
tomorrow it's three years since we know each other.
We could celebrate it.
But it must be done properly - acquaintances from your side.
from my side. From my side will come Albert and Zoe, but whom will you call?
Guys, snow has begun to fall up there.
I don't understand why should we need this?
Daddy pays dough for this.
Pays, pays. It's just pity that our Bananan gives him change back.
Let's tuck ourself in this rag, otherwise we'll really freeze up there.
Pull to your side, spread it.
You haven't lost your skills.
It was very important for me to know it.
What did you decide?
I talked to him,
nothing can be done, Albert.
If you can't pay back your debt,
you will have to help us.
I understand and i feel for you,
and if it's easier for you, imagine
you're not doing it to repay the debt,
but because of your sympathies to me,

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