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There is no race course in Yalta.
- What has race course to do with this?
What swinishness is all around!
I wanted you to win some money.
What do you need this for,
Andery Valentinovich?
So that you understood
that i can something.
To be exact, that i can everything.
Let's cut to the chase.
I want you embark any plane
you like without going home today
- Is place with you free?
- It's occupied.
and don't show [here] for two weeks,
in this time we'll move away.
One of us must move away.
The difference between us is that
i can pay you good money for this.
You must understand me correctly,
you're young, you have (if you're smart)
long life ahead.
I'm asking you not to make
me do disgusting and dreadful stuff.
If you won't understand me
and remain here,
i'll be obliged to do it.
Why should I leave my own town?
You want, then leave yourself. It's good for me here.
Take your money, water and sandwiches...
Leave it,
we'll settle accounts later.
Let's go home then.
There's snow on the overpass,
trolley-bus doesn't run. How will we go?
We'll take a cab.
- What's with you?
- Furunculosis.
"Bananan's dream #2"
I was asleep. I even saw a dream.
I love to see dreams.
Look, that's Vitya!
Vitha the Negro, you know him.
Vitya! Vitya! Stop!
- They say this guy has a great car.
- He's driving behind us.
What have you in mind? Hey, do you hear?
Slow down. Hit the brakes!
Let's check it right now.
Will we square accounts here?
- Take from him,
from inside pocket of his coat. - All?
There is ruble and some kopecks short.
I'll be in debt.
I forgot.
That's all.
March 12, 1801.
2 AM
St. Petersbug.
Your royal higness!
What are you doing?
How dared you!
I never wanted this and never ordered this to be done.
Your highness, it's not the right time now.
42 million people depend on your firmness.
Enough with fooling around, start being a tsar, sire.
More to the right.
Alright, stop. Here is a pit.
Turn aroun. Turn around, i say.
Careful guys, don't throw.
Alright guys,
he went down legs-first as a stone.
Gentlemen, daddy died of apopleptic shock.
In my rule everything will be like in granny's rule.
So began morning of March 12, 1801.
Coup d'etat had ended.
One or two wounded. One killed.
Just without unnecessary talking,
everything is very serious,
i'll explain you later.
It's impossible to remain
here even for a minute.
So, ship leaves in forty minutes,
at first to Batumi, then Odessa,
after that...we'll decide there,
but now to Batumi, to Odessa,
to the devil in Istanbul,
Istalnbul would even be better
and that's near, by the way.
In detectives
this is called hiding trails.
This guy, Vadim,
tracked me using women as a disguise.
Well, i've explained you everything,
i've managed to shake off tracking
for couple of hours.
What tracking?
I warned you that
this could happen any day,
that you should be ready,
and you promised not to ask questions.
- Let's go, let's go, will we?
- No, i won't go anywhere.
I was afraid of this.
Oh, idiot, jerk, i missed you out.
What good is he for you?
What is he? He's nobody! A boy!
and you know yourself
you'll forget him tomorrow.
and he doesn't need you,
he spat on you,
you are a grown-up woman,
i love you,
i love you more than life
and i have nothing in this live but you,
nothing that i loved so much.
Let's go?
- No.
Then i'll tell you this:
he is not anymore, he's dead,
he's dead for two hours already.
I tell you he's nobody! Nobody!
You'll never see him again,
even in the grave
because he's lying
at the bottom of the sea
and nobody will look for him there.
Why are you lying?
It disgraces you.
You have five more minutes.
This is not your coat.
He lent me this when i was cold,
we must at lest give it back to him.
KRYMOV Andrey Valentinovich, real name. Born in 1936, in Moscow.
Childhood and youth spent in Tashkent.
In 1954-1958 studied in institute of foreign languages in Moscow.

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