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And so after seventeen months and seven days,
the ark stopped at Ararat mountains,
and after third dove had returned
with olive twig in its beak,
Noa opened ark's door,
put his feet in the grass,
lifted his hands towards the sun
and said in loud voice: ASSA!
- ASSA!!!
That was the only word that
recieved us from thos pre-flood times,
and together with it some of us
have recieved that power and purity.
Script: Sergei Solovyov, Sergei Livnev
Composer: Boris Grebenshchikov
Cast: Sergei Bugayev (nicknamed Africa)
Tatyana Drubich
Stanislav Govorukhin
Director: Sergei Solovyov
One morning I called some girl
and just as I pick up [telephone] receiver
out of receiver comes a little boy
no bigger than match-box.
I got a fright and asked - who are you?
But he...
crawled into glass, got drunk and answered, jumping on a couch,
I am Bananan, the boy.
Hello, Bananan!
Then he got on my old sofa and said he was
a orphan, earlier he had father Bananan
but now only mother Telephone was left
and he was going to Hollywood soon.
And I thought: that's not ??? to sit and make too-too-too
Hello, Bananan!
- Tell, please, is that boy Bananan
with you? - No!
- Hallo. - Excuse me, is that boy
Bananan with you? - No.
Hold it against your ear, dark guy.
Hallo tell, please, is that boy Bananan
with you?
No, isn't he with you?
No, anyway, excuse me,
wait a minute, i'll ask in a moment.
Hallo, he is not here.
Well, he is here.
How much, you say, is possible to place here?
120 containers on the ground, and it's possible to put others on them.
On them? How much?
Almost half.
And what tonnage would it be?
I don't know, have to count.
I understand. And during winter, you say, there's practically empty?
Almost always.
Have to count.
- Have you heard if Yalta receives us?
- No, i think not.
Are you, what, a major?
Not why. Militar title.
Why not lieutenant?
Comrade, it's hard for me to answer questions. I have nausea.
I've already barfed half of ship.
Let's go. You'd make yourself generalissiumus, degenerate!
Go, look for your cell.
What cell?
We should be nicer to each other, comrade.
Sit down.
And don't dare to drink more. Understood?
Storm. What drinking?
N. Eydelman. "Bounds of Ages".
publishing house "Thought".
March 10, 1801. Noon.
St. Petersburg
It seemed biggest dream of emperor Paul had come true today.
They had spent first night in Mikhailovski castle
among ??? walls and misty stone.
But tsar somehow didn't fell expected joy.
Was it coldness? Heavy premonition? Silence of servants?
Was it because of grim faces of wife and sons? Who's to know?
Mom, honour bright, how long can will it last?
Mom, I'm not a child anymore.
Ship can't come into port.
Mom, what south? There's snow.
In port. I'm saying I'll spend the night in port.
That's all.
Dear God.
Excuse me, but we simply don't undesrstand why
should intelligent man spend a night in port.
Let's get acquainted.
This is Vitya, my friend Vitya.
Why are you stepping away?
Perhaps, you're confused because he's a negro.
That's nonsense. He's our negro - soviet, socialistic.
It can be said you're looking at new formation negro.
Not Michael, not Joe, take in mind, but Vitya.
Simple Vitya. Vitya, is that true you're Vitya?
It is. I'm Vitya.
You're no Michael, no Joe.
I'll tell you story that's worse.
Some foreigner was caught in Leningrad. He was carrying
suitcase with vipers into USSR.
What is your name, pardon me?
Strange name.
What's there strange? Stupid name, that's all.
Mom wanted to call me Alexandra, dad - Lika.
They came to a compromise - Alika.
Anyway, as any compromise.
But the sea is called Black [sea].
So this is dwelling place. This is hospitality.
Mom, don't worry, they're with me.
Hi, Maria Anton.
Hi, Vitya.
Look, what wonderful lodger we've brought you.
It's just for one night because of storm.


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