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you home for dinner.
I got worried, I called the office.
Sorry, I didn't get a chance to call.
Okay, everyb...
Everybody just get up very slowly.
And walk towards the door.
Okay, quick and quiet.
We're gonna need another way out of here.
Upstairs, up into the bathroom.
We can climb out onto the roof.
Watch yourself, Ross.
Come on, Shelley.
Come on.
This doesn't make sense.
They're swarming.
I've never seen them this aggressive.
Hi, you guys, I'm Chris.
Put that under the door, quick!
Get it off me!
- Come on, Shelley.
- One at a time.
Down the trellis, honey.
Get out of there.
Ross, get out of there.
- Where's Ross?
- Right behind me.
Oh, no!
Mom, spiders!
Shelley, Tommy, come here quick!
- Kids, come on.
- Get 'em away from the house.
Rock 'n' roll.
All right, it's party time.
Take that!
What is it?
Musty smell, moist, dark, no spiders.
There's no spiders.
It's dark, musty. The nest!
Nest. The queen.
Shit, I'm in the goddamn nest!
I found the nest!
And I saw the queen!
Come on.
That's your basic egg sac.
Be right back.
Where is it?
That was the goddamn general!
Not the Chteau.
Goddamn it, where are you?
Damn it!
The itsy bitsy spider
climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain
and washed the spider out
Come on, come on.
Nice shot.
Thank God.
Don't mention it.
It's okay. Everything's okay.
- Oh, God, the spider...
- It's okay.
Most of them are dead.
The ones Delbert didn't get are dying.
- Where are the kids?
- The kids are fine. Everybody's okay.
# I left my heart
# In San Francisco
# High on a hill
You know what I'll miss most
about the country?
- What?
- I don't know. That's why I'm asking you.
At least we got out with our lives.
And the Margaux.
To office politics, Christmas bonuses,
caffeine, adrenaline.
To things that we know,
to events that we can control.
- Okay, that was a minor tremor.
- I barely felt it.
Probably wouldn't even show up
on that scale.
Richter scale.
Just a cable car going by.
We should check the kids.


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