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contains them. That isn't true here.
So the original male's
the grandaddy of them all.
And he's acting like a general
sending his troops to battle.
Excuse me.
Professor? This is our town exterminator.
McClintock, infestation management.
Always nice to meet a colleague.
He believes he came across one of the
offending spiders a couple of hours ago.
Might you have brought it with you?
Actually, he's probably still
on the bottom of my shoe.
You really can't tell what it is any more.
In this first generation,
the original male also produced a queen.
Together they will construct a primary nest,
which the queen will guard.
But eventually she will create
reproductive offspring of her own.
When that happens, this town is dead.
And the next town, and the next town.
And the next one and so on.
Irv owns the mortuary
where it must have originated.
- If we go in and destroy the original male...
- And the primary nest.
- I'll call the Department of Agriculture.
- There's phones in the office.
- I'll see you later at the mortuary.
- Sheriff, you'll give me a ride.
I am not a chauffeur.
- Shut up.
- Damn, it's busy!
Irv and Blaire always take the phone off
the hook during Wheel Of Fortune.
Let's get the hell over there.
Blaire, real butter or fake butter?
- Irv, hurry.
- Buttery, hot and delicious!
He needs to buy a vowel.
Buy a vowel.
What's this nest?
What's it gonna look like?
You'd know it if you found it.
The area would be dark, warm, moist.
It'd be kind of a musty smell
and you'd probably see an egg sac.
Like your basic egg sac.
White, cocooned, pulsating,
about the size of a softball.
Of course, there'd be
no other spiders around.
What do you mean?
Spiders are cannibals, so she wouldn't
want any others near her offspring.
Yes, tell them exactly what I've told you.
Even if it is interrupting a dinner party.
Where is this?
It's the old Daniels place.
Jennings bought it.
Take me there.
Hey, Irv!
Canaima welcomes you.
Irv, we have an emergency!
I'll get us into the mortuary.
We've found it.
Please go back to the mortuary and round
up my assistant and that exterminator.
All right, I'll do that.
Meanwhile, just stay here, sir, because
I'm not going to be responsible for...
The killings have been so arbitrary.
Maybe there's more than one nest.
No, there's just that one.
What was it Atherton said?
They radiate out from a central nest.
You got a map of this town?
- Thinking about buying here?
- Just get a map, please.
The Kendalls' house.
Mark that down on there.
And the old guy, the doctor.
- The football kid?
- Died behind the high school.
Right here. This is fun.
I found one at Beechwood's.
- The old lady, what was her name?
- Margaret.
- Is that all of them?
- Yeah, that's it.
This here in the centre,
that's the mortuary, right?
- No, that's a house.
- Who the hell lives there?
I do.
The whole time the nest was
in my own goddamn barn!
I doubt that, doc.
Your basic spider'd find your old barn
a tad breezy this time of year.
In that respect, spiders are
a bit like you and me.
I frankly doubt the nest is in the barn.
I frankly know it is.
I was in the barn. I saw a web.
There's a web in the barn.
A web would indicate
an arachnoid presence.
They got a saying,
I believe it's in the Benelux countries...
Just drive, Delbert.
Just drive and get us there, please.
My, you've been busy!
Supper's ready.
Come and get it.
I gotta get my family out.
Destroy whatever's in the barn.
Check. Better uncork my private stock.
- Chris, there may be spiders in the house.
- They're probably... All right, let's go.
Give me a minute to look around out here
and then we go in, nice and easy, all right?
Trick or treat.
Let's see what we got up here.
Oh, my God. They got the professor.
- We're in here, Ross.
- Hi, Dad.
I expected

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