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Where are you exactly?
- Sorry.
- Are you equally busy tomorrow?
Dr Atherton?
No, I'm Chris Collins, one of his assistants.
Hi, I'm Chris.
Atherton's really busy lately.
He's recently discovered a new species
of spider. Down in South America.
To us, it's a big deal.
I hope you'll be able to help us.
We're going to be examining some bodies.
It sounds like a blast.
We're looking for bites.
Like this. That's a spider, isn't it?
I'm not sure.
I think so.
But even at several times
the potency of latrodectus.
- Black widow, right?
- Right.
Even then it would take
more than one bite to kill,
so I figure this guy's death and the spider
bite, if it a spider bite, are coincidental.
Hey, guys, how's it going?
Poor Margaret.
She was a good wife, good teacher,
good neighbour.
Excellent cook.
Anything you want, just shout.
I want some fresh air.
Chris, come here.
Still think it's a coincidence?
That's a spider bite.
The tissue surrounding the bite
is macerated.
Found one.
A mark behind the left ear.
- Atherton.
- Dr Atherton, Chris Collins.
I think we've got a big problem
here in Canaima.
They've got three dead bodies.
The cause of death seems to be a spider
more deadly than any I've ever seen.
They want the okay
to quarantine the town.
- Are you sure?
- This is way out of my league.
I think you'd better come up here
right away.
I can be there tomorrow afternoon.
But Collins, try and find me a specimen.
Did you bring the keys?
Perk up, Lloyd.
If we find the spider that did this,
you can arrest him.
Milt, why don't you cover the living room?
Chris, why don't you check out back?
Lloyd, take the kitchen.
And I'll just... I'll oversee the...
I'll just coordinate the...
I'll just stay right here.
What is all that crap?
Mostly cricket parts, wings, legs.
We haven't heard any crickets in Canaima
these past few weeks.
Ross, here!
Don't move!
- It's dead. Shit!
- What could have killed it?
The shock of seeing Lloyd?
There are other people in this house.
Dad, go away!
Use the one down here!
Never a moment's peace.
What happened? Are you all right?
Why don't we just take the dead spider
and get out of here?
You don't get off that easy. It's already
desiccated. It wouldn't be any use to us.
You mean macerated.
No, I mean desiccated.
Dried up, drained of all its blood.
Macerated is the... chewing that they do.
They're like little vampires.
This trip of Atherton's to find
the spider species, where'd he go?
South America.
Venezuela, why?
Is that one of them?
I'd say it's a damn fine suspect.
Ross, you're going to have
to take a step towards it.
- Chris, I'm scared to death.
- We all are.
But our brains secrete a neurotransmitter
that enables us to deal with them.
I don't think I have
that particular neurotransmitter.
Yes, you do.
You need an asbestos glove.
Doomsday weapon in Delbert's war
on a creepy crawler.
I coat it with Demon EC,
insecticide with environmental conscience.
It's biodegradable. Organic.
You ought to see the little beasties twitch
when they get a whiff of this stuff.
Now, Delbert...
There's a rumour going around that
some kind of spider killed Sam Metcalf.
Maybe Margaret, maybe even my Bronco.
Doubtful, Henry.
In a case in Florida one of my colleagues
bumped into a nest of black widows.
Sustained over a dozen bites and lived.
Of course, he probably lost control
of all of his bodily functions.
There's no spider here.
But I will hunt down the alleged arachnid
and spritz him to kingdom come.
Yeah, that's right.
I'm bad.
Dr Atherton, Ross Jennings.
Come in.
Did you find me another specimen?
Yes, I did.
I also paid a call to the town mortician.
Several months ago, there was a corpse.
The body was desiccated,
it was totally drained of blood.
Irv agreed that
if the spider was big enough
and it spent a long enough time

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