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offered to throw us
a "Get to know Dr Jennings" party.
Daddy's not done.
One cup of punch
with the handsome new GP
and the good people of Canaima will see
the light and abandon old Doc Metcalf.
- It's a nice gesture.
- Yeah.
Can we go play with Bunny?
Yeah, I want you both in
before dark, though.
Bunny Beechwood.
She popped over this morning.
A neighbour. Seems nice.
What do you bet they're gonna
go chase fireflies or something?
- Wanna blow up a bullfrog?
- Okay!
I got some great shots in the barn today.
If the camera picks up the web
with half the detail my eyes do...
The web?
Yeah, our little spider
made himself a hell of a home.
I think even you would appreciate it.
Molly... how can I make this more clear?
- I have...
- A terrible fear of spiders.
I'm aware, I've seen what happens.
Which is why I think you should force
yourself to come and look at the web.
Look at the web?
Yes, and see it for the extraordinary
and beautiful thing it is.
Therapy, Ross.
We live in the country now.
It's time to work through
this irrational, paralysing terror.
- It's not irrational.
- I know.
The incident.
It's like it happened yesterday.
Nobody remembers anything
from when they were two.
It's my first memory.
I can envision the crib,
all around me, clear as day.
I can still feel the feeling of waking up.
Just drowsy, peaceful, secure,
then there it was.
- Probably just a daddy longlegs.
- It seemed huge.
It just came relentlessly,
crawling through the bars of the crib.
- As it touched my bare leg...
- I know, you were just wearing a diaper.
All my limbs involuntarily froze.
You were probably still half-asleep.
I was paralysed, Molly. I still get paralysed.
Try to understand how this makes me feel.
I was physically unable to stop it
from crawling along my naked skin.
I can still feel its hairy little legs just...
Then up to my face.
It's the feeling of utter helplessness.
Being explored by an alien thing,
that's all.
Can you blame me
for being a spider-phobe?
You see it up there,
right beyond the ladder.
Impressive, huh?
Therapy, right?
Oh, God.
There, you see?
You still have full use of all your limbs.
Have you seen it up here?
I think you spared the eight-legged
Frank Lloyd Wright.
Are you okay? Honey, it's okay!
What the hell was that?
Come on.
Hold me!
Oh, my God!
@ From across the sea
How are you finding life here?
After a few initial shocks,
we're slowly adjusting, I think.
I've been checking on you, Ross.
Henry, when I'm finally ready
to throw in the towel,
Dr Jennings is your man.
- Henry Beechwood.
- Ross Jennings.
- By all accounts, a fine physician.
- I'll remember that.
This brings back memories.
Right after the war,
when I moved to Canaima,
the whole town threw me a party.
You threw yourself a party.
Now that was a party!
Now that is a jerk!
- Canaima welcomes you.
- Thank you.
Listen, I was interested in something.
I wonder if you could give me a little help.
Do you think
that I should have this removed?
What's Bunny showing them over there?
Hand-to-hand combat techniques.
So Becky, have you thought about
what you'll major in at college?
It's in the genes.
Bobby here,
he's the Broncos' star quarterback.
I taught him to throw a football
before he could walk.
I coach the team.
Nepotism, huh?
Actually, we're Baptists.
Nobody comes up to a mortician
at a party and says,
"Irv, you think I might be dead?"
Must drive you nuts
trying to dip your Dorito
while somebody's showing you his growth.
How do you handle it?
I just mention that until quite recently
my wife was a successful stockbroker.
Say, what do you think about that...
- Why shouldn't I have another?
- Because you've had too much already.
- Let's go.
- No, I'm thirsty.
That's the Manleys.
Their son recently passed away.
That's awful. How?
I'm not sure. He was a scientist.

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