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And all you could do is squash it.
That's impossible. They should be dead.
Very aggressive.
We'll take two back alive and preserve two.
Are you sure that'll do it?
This stuff will kill an elephant.
Millions of years, then we come along.
How long's it gonna take us
to get back to camp?
What's the matter?
You still worried about dinosaurs?
This place just gives me the creeps.
What is?
These spiders have
no reproductive organs.
Almost like worker bees or soldier ants.
Yeah, well, if these are the soldiers,
I'd hate to see the general.
How are you feeling?
Like hell. This fever's killing me.
You don't look so good. Take a rest.
The fever.
Make sure we've got
all his film, Higueras.
Have we notified his family?
I contacted the American consulate.
Okay, seal him up.
I really wish you wouldn't
complain about my driving.
You're pushing it. That's all I got to say.
Take it easy, wait.
Can you give me a hand here?
I think I'll go move the hearse.
Dick, I'm sorry to pester you
in this already difficult time.
I know that we already decided
on an open casket,
but we should maybe reconsider.
Because I'm not sure
how they work down in South America,
but let me say that their
preservation methods differ from ours.
No, you'd be welcome
to come down and decide,
but in this already difficult time,
I'm not sure I could do that.
No, you do have the option of...
We could put a photograph
on top of the casket.
No, the one that you had
in the newspaper.
Okay, kids, go stake out your rooms!
Ross, smell that air!
Let's just...
Before we discover what valuables
broke in the move,
and that the breakfront doesn't fit,
let's just chant twice:
"We did the right thing."
- For the kids.
- For us. For all of us.
- Goodbye crime, goodbye grime.
- Right.
Goodbye culture, goodbye friends.
Dad, there's a dead bird over here!
Don't touch it.
Just go on into the house
and find your sister.
Ross, the entire town is yours.
You're the doctor.
Can there be a more respected figure?
Respect is fine, but actually
I've always wanted to be feared.
Easy with that.
You don't want to agitate the sediments.
Chteau Margaux. $127 a bottle.
Tasty, huh?
At that price, who can afford to drink it?
Goes in the basement.
I mean the cellar.
The wine cellar.
I gotta get a big padlock.
Protect my investment.
- What's wrong?
- Behind one of the boxes, a spider.
It came at me, it was ugly.
- Bigger than this.
- Okay, calm down.
You're in the country now, okay?
Come on, let's go find that spider.
And let's find your mom
to take care of that spider.
Honey, we're in the living room.
We need you to kill a spider.
All right. Where is it?
Over there, on the box.
Killing a spider, cool!
It's bad luck to kill a spider in a new house.
You just made that up, didn't you, dear?
Okay. Everything's okay.
Poor thing.
It's more scared of us than we are of it.
Let's give it a home in the barn.
Good idea, Shell.
Mom, how come you're not
afraid of bugs like Dad is?
I'm not afraid of all bugs. Just...
- Be careful of rusty nails.
- Chill out.
How about right here?
You sure you won't miss
being in the thick of things?
With all those stars and those crickets
singing, we are in the thick of things.
I mean work. Strokes from the boss.
Christmas bonuses, office politics,
caffeine, adrenaline,
steady income...
We'll be fine.
Between my severance and all your
potential patients, we'll be fine.
When are you meeting with Dr Metcalf?
Thursday morning.
The old coot passes me the torch
at 10.00 sharp.
We can unpack in the morning.
I have some Napoleon brandy
in the basement.
Sorry, cellar.
Ross, I'm exhausted.
It's bad luck not to make love
the first night in a new house.
You just made that up, didn't you, dear?
I have terrific news.
At least, I think, for my patients it's terrific.
Though my wife is less than thrilled.
What's that, Dr Metcalf?

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