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saw the queen!
Come on.
That's your basic egg sac.
Be right back.
Where is it?
That was the goddamn general!
Not the Chteau.
Goddamn it, where are you?
Damn it!
The itsy bitsy spider
climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain
and washed the spider out
Come on, come on.
Nice shot.
Thank God.
Don't mention it.
It's okay. Everything's okay.
- Oh, God, the spider...
- It's okay.
Most of them are dead.
The ones Delbert didn't get are dying.
- Where are the kids?
- The kids are fine. Everybody's okay.
@ I left my heart
@ In San Francisco
@ High on a hill
You know what I'll miss most
about the country?
- What?
- I don't know. That's why I'm asking you.
At least we got out with our lives.
And the Margaux.
To office politics, Christmas bonuses,
caffeine, adrenaline.
To things that we know,
to events that we can control.
- Okay, that was a minor tremor.
- I barely felt it.
Probably wouldn't even show up
on that scale.
Richter scale.
Just a cable car going by.
We should check the kids.Welcome.
Dr Atherton, I presume.
- Wait a minute, not so fast.
- We're in a hurry, Mr Manley.
Leave your personal things. Just bring
your equipment. We depart immediately.
Miguel Higueras, our field assistant.
Sorry I'm late. I've been held up in Caracas
for a while with a fever.
Tell the truth, I'm not over it yet.
Be sick on your own time, Mr Manley.
I want close-ups of every specimen
and coverage of the surrounding
rain forests and tepuis.
The what?
Tepui. It's an Indian word for mountain.
A place where species have survived
in isolation for millions of years.
Any man-eating dinosaurs?
Atherton, you're in luck.
We're hitting a brand-new one today.
Great. Anybody ever get lost?
Legend says men who climb
to the rain desert never return,
but don't worry, we small-game hunters
don't climb, we fly!
He friendly?
I hope so. He's our guide.
Stick close.
Twenty-four hour ant.
They bite?
They kill, Mr Manley,
in sufficient numbers.
So do some of the frogs.
Don't touch any.
This is where we're going.
We land here, then walk down here.
This is a sinkhole.
A place where thousands of years
of streaming water
have torn away the rock.
It's very deep. 2,000 feet.
And dark at the bottom.
We'll need flash equipment.
Edible and nutritious enough
to survive on for weeks.
Thanks, I'll pass.
Plants your specialty?
Insects and spiders
and identifying new ones.
Great. Just what the world needs.
More bugs.
What's your speciality, Manley?
Let's forget the fact that
no one mentioned poison ants and frogs,
but a 2,000-foot drop? Come on!
This is for the equipment.
Our guide will show us another way down.
What's with him?
This is as far as he'll go.
It's amazing.
The air temp's dropped 10 degrees
in the last 100 meters.
Not far.
Down there.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
I'm fine, I just...
What'd he say?
He says you should be careful.
You're too big for us to carry out.
Wait up!
What does that thing do, anyway?
Did you ever throw a large firecracker
into a pond?
Maybe when I was a kid. Why?
What happened?
All sorts of stuff floated to the surface.
Everybody ready?
Prepare yourselves, gentlemen.
For what?
For pictures, Manley, pictures.
What is it?
I think it's a new species of butterfly.
We could call it... photius manlii.
Look at these markings.
Don't just sit there.
Are you sure it's dead?
Yes, quite dead.
Two more.
This is highly unusual.
So many spiders this size
in such a confined area.
Look at the shape of the abdomen.
We must try to find a live specimen.
- What do you think you're doing?
- It was alive.
Don't be ridiculous.
It's just a spider. What's the big deal?
It isn't just a spider.
It was potentially a new species of spider.
Isolated and unchanged
for millions of years.

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