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Анна Каренина

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off, please.
Has Seryozha been given his dinner?
You all forget, but he wouldn't have.
Anna Arkadyevna, he has arrived.
Here he is.
What nonsense!
You say he won't forgive.
You don't know him.
No one knows. I alone know.
No, no... l'm not afraid of you!
l'm afraid... of death.
Alexei... come closer to me.
I must make haste. There's not
much time left for me to live.
Soon l'II be too sick
to know anything.
Wait, wait...
Yes, yes, yes...
That's what I wanted to tell you.
l'm still the same.
But there's someone else in me!
I wanted to hate you
but could not forget the one
I had been before.
She is not me. The real me
is the one you see now. All of me.
l'm dying now.
I know l'm going to die.
I only want one thing...
Will you... forgive me?
You must forgive me, completely.
No, it's impossible!
I know you can't forgive me that.
No! Go away!
You're too perfect.
Why doesn't he come?
How strange that they should
both be called Alexei.
Yes... he has come! I knew it...
Farewell now.
Farewell to all.
Come here!
Uncover your face. Look at him!
He... he's a saint.
Uncover your face.
Alexei Alexandrovich,
do uncover his face.
I want to...
to see him...
Shake hands with him.
Forgive him, please.
Thank God...
Thank God.
That wallpaper is so horrid!
If I could only stretch my legs.
Oh God!
When will this all be over?
Alexei Alexandrovich...
l'm unable to speak,
unable to... think.
Please, have mercy!
No matter how great your suffering is,
mine is even worse.
Sit down and hear me out.
It's necessary.
I have to explain to you my feelings,
so that there will be no
misunderstandings concerning me.
I had decided on a divorce
and started the proceedings.
I admit I was beset by
thoughts of revenge.
When I received the telegram,
I came here with the same feelings.
I will say even more:
I longed for her death.
But then... I saw her and forgave her.
I have forgiven her completely.
l'm willing to turn the other cheek.
l'm ready to give away my shirt
since my coat has been taken.
I pray to God not to deprive me
of the joy of forgiveness.
Such is my position.
You can make me the laughing-stock
of society...
but I will not abandon her
should God Almighty grant her life.
I must remain with her,
and I will.
If she wishes to see you,
I will notify you.
At the present time, however,
I believe you'd better leave.
Yes, yes, of course.
Of course.
God's servant, Konstantin, plights his
troth to God's servant, Yekaterina.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Ghost.
God's servant, Yekaterina, plights her
troth to God's servant, Konstantin.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Ghost.
We praise Thee, most merciful God!
I hereby join in holy union
Konstantin and Yekaterina.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Ghost.
Joined in holy wedlock are thy
servants, Yekaterina and Konstantin.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Ghost.
Almighty God, crown them with glory
and with honour.
He's not worth her little finger,
don't you think so?
- How is Count Vronsky?
- How is his wound?
He is recovering,
and planning to go to Tashkent.
Rejoice, oh Isaiah!
A telegram.
- Who's there?
- Princess Tverskaya.
One may regard one and the same thing
either in a tragic
or comic light.
I don't know whether l'm better or
worse than anyone else.
If he weren't going so far away,
I would have understood your own
and your husband's refusal.
I refuse for my own sake,
not for my husband's.
I beg you, let's stop talking
about it.
But surely you must want
to say goodbye to a man
who tried to take his own life
for you.
That's exactly why I don't want to.
Let's not talk about it.
l'm so glad you're at home!
I haven't seen you
since Anna's illness.
l've heard what good care you took
of her. You're an amazing husband!
We've been chatting too long.
I really must be going now.
I must tell you... I
Анна Каренина Анна Каренина

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