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What were you thinking about then?
- I don't remember.
It's a vicious circle, gentlemen.
Women are deprived of rights
for lack of education.
Absolutely correct.
The point is whether women are
capable of assimilating these rights.
As well as responsibilities.
I think they are.
Women are so special...
Have you heard about Pryachnikov?
He fought in a duel with Kvitsky
and killed him with one bullet.
Why was he dueling?
Because of his wife. He challenged
him and killed him. Acted like a man.
You're not leaving already?
Yes. I must apologize
for having to leave.
There's something I must speak to you
about. Please, come in here.
Where are you going? L'II go with you.
To see a ballet. But first
I have to pay a visit backstage.
The main thing is to preserve
the sanctity of the home.
So little harm is done...
and so much pleasure gained.
I know...
It's none of my business.
But I love and respect Anna.
What is wrong between you two?
What has she done?
She has slighted her duties
and deceived her husband.
Please, do anything you want with her,
but not divorce.
We must get out
of the humiliating position
in which we are placed.
We can't live as a trio.
And if you leave her,
what'II become of her?
It'II be the end of her.
Have you thought about it?
I have.
I have thought a great deal about it.
Anna and sin.
It's impossible! It's inconceivable!
I can't believe it!
I would pay dearly for being able
to harbor doubts.
But is it possible to harbor doubts
when a wife confesses to her husband
her infidelity?
When I doubted,
I had hope.
Now there's no hope,
yet I still doubt everything.
l'm in such doubt
that I even hate my son.
At times I even doubt if he's my son.
I am very unhappy.
I understand you so well!
I understand you, but listen,
l'd like to tell you my story.
I got married
and my husband deceived me.
I was so angry, so jealous
that I wanted to leave him.
But I stopped in time.
It was Anna who saved me.
I am living on, the children are
growing up.
My husband feels his fault,
and is growing purer, better.
I live on. I have forgiven him.
You have to forgive too.
I cannot forgive. Nor do I wish to.
I regard it as wrong.
I did everything for her.
And she has trampled it in the mud.
I am not a spiteful man.
I never... hated anyone.
But I hate her
with every single fiber of my being.
I hate her so much
that I can't even forgive her
for all the wrong...
she has done me.
But Anna is very ill.
Her condition is dangerous.
l'm terrified when I think of
what might happen.
I implore you, Alexei Alexandrovich,
go to her... Go to her.
Kitty, wait.
I... l've wanted to ask you something
for a long time.
You may ask me now.
That day we skated together you said:
'It's impossible.'
Does that mean...
I understand.
Does that mean...
- What is this word?
- Ne-ver.
Yes, never.
That's not true any more.
It was only true then.
- Only then?
- Yes.
And now?
Now I would say...
I would like...
you... to forget...
Yes... and forgive...
I... I...
I have never... ceased...
Ioving... you...
Thank you.
Yes, yes...
I have never ceased loving you.
Make haste!
How is Madame?
Safely delivered yesterday afternoon.
- How is she?
- Very poorly.
The doctors held a consultation
Take my bags.
Who is here?
The doctor, the midwife
and Count Vronsky.
- Send to the pharmacy for morphine.
- Right away, Doctor.
Good morning,
Your Excellency.
Alexei Alexandrovich...
Alexei Alexandrovich...
she's going to die.
The doctors say
there's no hope.
l'm completely at your mercy.
But permit me to remain here.
Though, of course, l'II do as you say...
Give me some water.
Oh, no. I think it's bad...
for my little girl.
All right, I agree.
Get her a nurse.
When he comes,
it will hurt him to see her.
He's a kind man.
He doesn't realize how kind he is.
Why isn't he coming?
Oh God, what a torture!
Take all these coats off me!
Take them

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- 1984

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