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an end to this situation.
You cannot imagine
my situation
any worse than I feel it to be myself.
It will come to an end by itself
very soon.
It will come to an end sooner
than you and your lover have planned.
You are merely interested in
gratifying your bestial lust.
The suffering of someone
who was your husband
fails to interest you.
You don't care that his life
has been ruined... and that he's...
he's... miserable.
I can change nothing.
I came here to tell you...
l've come to tell you that
tomorrow l'II be leaving for Moscow
and that I shall not return to this
You'II be advised of my decision
by the lawyer
to whom I shall entrust
the obtainment of a divorce.
My son will go to my sister's.
You want to take Seryozha
only to make me suffer.
You don't love him.
Leave me Seryozha...
Leave him to me.
True, I have lost my love for my son,
because he is... associated with...
the repulsion I feel for you.
But l'II keep him all the same.
Alexei Alexandrovich, please,
leave me Seryozha!
At least until I...
l'm going to have a child soon.
Leave him.
Ah, Alexei Alexandrovich!
Good to see you.
Have you been in Moscow long?
That wasn't nice,
You might have let me know.
I really had no time.
l've had a lot to do.
Come tomorrow for dinner.
l'II treat you to the Moscow
intelligentsia. You'II meet Lyovin.
- And how is my dear Anna?
- Anna Arkadyevna is well.
Please come! You can't imagine
how very sorry l'd feel if you didn't.
And so would my wife.
I must buy coats for Grisha
and Tanya.
l'II need some money.
Ah yes, of course...
Well, tell them l'II pay later.
Where are you going?
To Yeliseyev's. I heard
they've just received fresh oysters.
Before I begin to
set forth my business,
I should like to point out that this
whole matter is to be confidential.
I wouldn't be a barrister
if I could not keep secrets.
Do you know my name?
I know you
and the valuable work you're doing.
You are known to the whole Russia.
I have the misfortune
to be a deceived husband,
and I want to legally break off
relations with my wife, to divorce her,
but in such a way that my son
shall not remain with his mother.
You are asking for my help
in obtaining a divorce?
Yes. L'd like to be familiarized
with the forms
in which this type of affair
is consummated in actual practice.
Divorce, according to our laws,
is possible in following cases...
l'm busy! I said wait!
Physical incapacity of the spouses
and adultery.
Included here are
adultery committed by husband or wife,
a physical defect of either husband
or wife.
There is no physical defect,
I may assume?
Adultery of one of the spouses...
and the detection of the guilty party
by mutual agreement.
The most usual, simple
and sensible course
I consider to be adultery
detected by mutual consent.
I think this is the case
of accidental detection,
substantiated by letters
which I have in my possession.
Cases of that kind are
under ecclesiastical jurisdiction.
The reverend fathers, however,
are fond of going...
into the minutest details
in such cases.
They may require confirmation
by eyewitnesses
to prove the fact of adultery.
If you wish to entrust me
with your confidence...
If one wants the result,
one must accept the means.
Very well... I will communicate
my decision to you by letter.
End of Part OnePART TWO
The artichokes!
And soupe 'Marie-Louise'!
And the orange punch?
It's my own invention.
In our Kaluga estate,
the peasants have spent everything
they had on drink.
Now they have nothing
with which to pay us.
Konstantin Dmitrievich,
do explain it to us.
You know everything, and you're
always defending the mouzhiks.
l'm sorry, I know nothing about it,
so I can't say anything.
We haven't seen each other
for such a long time.
Though I saw you once.
It was one evening at sunset.
For one fleeting moment you appeared
in the window of a carriage.
Анна Каренина Анна Каренина

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