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saddle during
a jump and broke Frou-Frou's spine.
What happened?
Vronsky was not hurt.
I repeat my offer to give you my arm
if you wish to go.
No! Leave me alone!
I want to stay.
Once again l'm offering you
my arm.
I promise to take Anna home.
Excuse me, Princess, but I see
that Anna is not feeling well,
and I wish her to come home with me.
She is pining away.
And the whole town's talking.
How much we are attracted
to these cruel spectacles!
- L've noticed that...
- What? I don't understand.
l'm obliged to tell you...
What was indecent about my conduct?
What did you consider indecent?
The despair that you weren't able
to hide when one of the riders fell.
It maybe that l'm mistaken?
No, you are not mistaken.
You're not at all mistaken.
I am desperate
and I can't help being desperate.
I am listening to you
but thinking of him.
I am... I am in love with him.
l'm his mistress.
I can't bear you,
l'm afraid of you, I abhor you.
Do whatever you like with me.
- What is it?
- A message from the Karenins'.
I was told to give it to you
You met him?
And he bowed to you like this?
I thought he was at a Council meeting.
He was at the Council but came back.
If only he broke with you!
This situation can't go on.
You're not angry with me?
I absolutely had to talk to you.
I had to tell you that I had told
Alexei Alexandrovich everything.
That I couldn't be his wife any
longer... everything.
Yes, it's a thousand times easier
that way.
That was the only thing I wanted,
to clear up this situation.
I realize how hard it must have been
for you.
No, it wasn't hard at all.
It happened by itself.
Today he left a letter for me.
He writes that we have no right
to sever the ties which bind us...
that our life will have to go on
as before.
l'm so glad!
Because things simply cannot go on
the way he suggests.
And Seryozha?
He knows I won't leave my son.
I cannot live without my son
even if l'm with the man I love.
I hope that now
you will leave him
and let me think about the future,
about organizing our life.
Which is better-to leave your son,
or to go on living
in this humiliating situation?
- Humiliating for whom?
- Most of all, for you.
You say it's humiliating.
No, believe me, for me only one thing
has any meaning-your love.
If I have your love,
I feel so exalted
that nothing can possibly humiliate me.
Because l'm proud of the situation
l'm in, l'm proud of...
Anna, can't you get a divorce?
Isn't it possible to take your son
and leave your husband?
No. Let's not talk about it any more.
Everything will be settled soon.
Do not interrupt me!
l'm going to die.
And l'm very glad of it.
I will release you all.
What nonsense you are talking!
No, no, it's true.
I had a dream.
I ran into my bedroom
and there was something in the corner.
It turned around
and I saw it was a peasant.
He was small and frightening,
with a disheveled beard.
He bent over a sack,
fumbling in it for a long time,
and he spoke in French,
talking very fast...
I tried to wake up but I couldn't.
And he said: 'In childbirth,
you will die in childbirth.'
What utter nonsense!
How can you believe that?
Is Anna Arkadyevna in her room?
Anna Arkadyevna is giving a lesson
to Sergey Alexeyevich.
What do you want?
- Seryozha, leave the room.
- Wait.
- Good morning, papa.
- Leave the room.
- What do you want?
- Your lover's letters.
They're not here.
Let go. What are you doing?
Sit down.
I must speak to you.
I won't tolerate your receiving
your lover in my house.
I had to see him to...
I don't want to be told why a woman
meets her lover.
l've never known this cruel streak
in you.
You call cruelty the husband's right
to demand observance of decency?
That is cruelty?
It's worse than cruelty.
It's baseness.
Baseness is to leave a husband and
son for your lover
and still eat your husband's bread.
l'II take the needed steps
to put

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