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How's Frou-Frou?
Frou-Frou? Sharp as a razor.
She's one of those animals
that don't speak only because...
I can see that something's wrong.
Either you're ill or...
- What are you thinking about?
- Always the same thing.
Please, tell me.
- Shall I?
- Do, for Heaven's sake.
- Shall I really tell you?
- Yes, yes!
l'm going to have a child.
Our fate is sealed now!
But how to end it, Alexei?
Leave your husband
and join your destiny to mine.
They are joined as it is.
He won't give up Seryozha.
He's not human. He's a machine.
A spiteful machine.
'I warned you of the consequences,
religious, civil and familial
I beg you, I entreat you
to never speak to me of that!
Promise you won't. When you talk to
me about it, l'm tormented.
All right, but I couldn't forgive
myself for making you unhappy.
Me? Unhappy?
This is my happiness!
Captain Usoltsev was thrown over his
horse. He was killed on the spot.
Seven riders were injured.
They say His Majesty is quite
Am I late? How's Frou-Frou?
Everything is fine.
Ah, my beauty!
The horse of Mr...
I cannot pronounce his name.
Makhotin, he's my chief rival.
Easy, easy, Frou-Frou.
Did you get the note from mother?
I can't understand what's bothering
You've been seen at Peterhof again.
There are matters
which are not to be discussed.
If that's the case, you should leave
the army.
Whatever my fate,
I will never complain.
Don't get upset before the race.
If possible, Milord, take the lead
from the start.
Princess Tverskaya,
the pearl of Peterhof.
What a pleasant surprise!
Hello, little sister!
When shall we see each other?
You're not worth the trouble.
Who's that with you?
The one who's marrying Topov?
Yes, and imagine, they're marrying
for love.
Oh, who talks of love these days?
An antediluvian concept.
It seems that this stupid fashion
never goes out of style.
So much the worse for those
who keep it up.
There's something of Louis XV
about him, don't you think?
He's in your drawing-room's style,
that's why we so often see him there.
- Who are you betting on?
- Prince Kuzovlev.
I bet on Vronsky.
- Bet a pair of gloves?
- A pair of gloves!
The ovation you received for
putting your bill through the Council.
l'm gratified that at last
we are getting around
to firm and sound views
on these matters.
Your Excellency,
may I pay my respects?
How have you been this year?
The doctor came to see me and
took an hour of my time this morning.
I suspect he was sent
by one of my friends.
My health seems to be so precious.
Your friend was doing it for Russia.
Good afternoon, Alexei Alexandrovich.
Aren't you in the races today?
l'm engaged in a more dangerous race.
Are you looking for your wife?
She's here.
My eyes are dazzled
by so much glitter.
If England is able
to point with pride
to the most brilliant cavalry
exploits in military history,
it's only thanks to the fact that she
has developed strength historically
in both her animals and her men.
Sports seem to be very important,
although, as we see,
it's quite a superficial notion.
It's not all that superficial.
One officer broke two ribs.
Well, let's admit it's not superficial,
but that's not the point.
Don't forget that those who race
are military men,
who have chosen their careers.
You must agree that every profession
has its dangers, of course.
However, the manly games
that we're watching...
the horrible sports, such as prize-
fighting or Spanish bull-fighting,
are a sign of barbarity.
But a specialized sport
is a sign of development.
Alexei Alexandrovich!
How do you do.
There are two sides to it:
performers and viewers.
And love for such spectacles
is an unmistakable proof
of a low degree of development.
I agree with those
who hold...
My favorite!
No, I shan't come again.
It gets me too upset.
Don't you think so, Anna?
Milord fell back on the
Анна Каренина Анна Каренина

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