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suffering as I am now.
If this cannot be, order me
to disappear and l'II disappear.
To disappear?
I don't want to drive you away.
Then let things stay as they are.
- You're late!
- I came straight from the Council.
- L've come to take Anna home.
- You're an amazing husband!
- What's new in the higher spheres?
- The news I may have are so boring.
Your Excellency,
supper is served.
You're not in bed?
How extraordinary!
I wish to have a talk with you.
With me? What about?
Very well, let's talk.
But isn't it time to go to bed?
Anna, I must warn you.
Warn me? Of what?
I want to warn you that through
thoughtlessness or some recklessness
you may cause yourself
to be talked about in society.
Please, don't crackle your knuckles!
You know how I hate it.
Your too animated conversation today
with Count Vronsky
attracted attention.
Whenever l'm bored, it annoys you
and when l'm not,
you're still annoyed.
Tonight I had a good time.
Is this annoying you?
This is what I have to say,
and I ask you to listen to me.
l'm very interested, because l'd like
to know what this is all about.
As you know,
I regard jealousy
as an offensive and degrading
But there are certain rules
of decorum
which cannot be transgressed
with impunity.
Judging by the impression
which you made on the whole company,
it looked as though your conduct
was not what is to be desired.
I positively don't understand.
Are you sure you're well?
I must remind you of your duties
before me, before you
and before Almighty God.
It was not man who joined our two
lives, but our Maker.
Only a crime can break this bond,
and the punishment a crime of this
sort entails is a severe one.
I don't understand what you're
talking about.
And besides,
l'm terribly sleepy.
It's too late. Too late.
Oh, my God! Oh God!
AII... is over.
I have no one but you.
Remember that.
How could I ever forget
what is all my life?
- For one moment of happiness...
- What... happiness?
For the love of God, not a word!
You see, I couldn't accept life
without love.
That's the way l'm made.
A woman is the pivot
around which everything turns.
What can I do?
I ask you what can I do?
Your wife's growing old and
you still feel so much life in you.
Suddenly love pops up,
and you're lost.
Too bad she was a governess
in our house.
There's something... about it.
But, then, what a governess!
No matter how much you study women,
something new always comes up.
Well then, it's best not to study
A certain mathematician once said
that enjoyment lies not in finding
the truth but in searching for it.
You too are searching for something,
you seem to be preparing a revolution
in political economy.
Hear that? The cuckoo, already.
Listen. They're flying.
Don't tell me I missed.
Splendid. We both got it.
You're really lucky, Kostya.
You've got everything you like here.
You've got dogs, farmland, hunting
You're writing a book.
I envy you.
- Sh! Hear that?
- No.
- Want to stay a little longer?
- As you like.
Well, Stiva,
why don't you tell me anything?
Is Kitty Shcherbatsky married yet
or when is she getting married?
She has no intention of getting
You were afraid of your rival
and ran away.
The doctors have sent her to
the country, some place near here.
She was very ill.
Alyosha! Have you had breakfast?
- And how is your weight?
- Just right.
- I hear the Czar's going to be there.
- Can you imagine a race without him?
I hear you've bet on me.
You might lose.
Only Makhotin could beat you.
But I hear his Gladiator is limping.
Don't believe it.
To Peterhof!
Wait! Alyosha!
I saw your brother here,
he left this letter from your mother.
Good luck to you!
To Peterhof!
Are you ill?
Your hands are so cold.
No, I feel fine.
I didn't expect you.
I couldn't have lived through the day
without seeing you.
The races are today, aren't they?
Princess Betsy promised to take me.


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