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it so much
that you want everyone to be there.
I want you to be there.
I see you dressed in lilac.
Why must it be lilac?
What a happy time of life!
I remember so well that blue mist
that envelops everything.
Childhood is coming to an end, and
the path leading from that vast circle
which is so charmed and delightful,
is growing narrower and narrower,
and it is exciting yet fearful
to go ahead.
I know something about you.
Congratulations. I like him very much.
I travelled with his mother,
and during the whole journey
we boasted of our sons.
- Have you your son's picture?
- Yes, l'II show it to you.
It's absolutely ravishing!
The bow is exquisite.
The rest may be a matter of taste,
but the bow! .
Who could that be at this hour?
Who can that be?
It's too early for my carriage,
and it would be too late
for a visitor.
How do you do.
Good evening.
- What a delightful ball.
- Yes, isn't it?
- Is Lyovin here too?
- Lyovin? I don't know.
l've heard a lot of good things
about him.
Has Anna Arkadyevna really decided
to leave for Petersburg tomorrow?
Yes, I think so.
- Do you wish to go out for a minute?
- Yes, I want a little air.
- You?
- Can I do anything for you?
I had no idea you were on the train.
Why are you on this train?
To be where you are.
I can't help it.
Forgive me if what l've said
has shocked you, but...
Forget what you've said
as I forget it.
I shall never forget a single word
of yours.
No! Enough! Enough!
As you can see, your husband,
as tender as a newlywed,
is burning with a desire to see you.
How is Seryozha? Is he well?
Is this all to reward my ardor?
He's quite well.
- I hope you spent a good night?
- Very good, thank you.
- Count Vronsky.
- We've met, I believe.
You go with the mother and return
with the son. You've been on leave?
I do hope I may have the honour
of calling on you?
We'II be delighted.
We receive on Mondays.
What do they say in Moscow
about the new bill
l've put through the Council?
Let go of me! Mother is here!
Seryozha! My little treasure!
I must disappoint you.
He has not missed you
as your husband has.
So fortunate
that I had half an hour
to come to meet you
and show my affection.
I must be off to a Committee
meeting now.
Where did you disappear to?
I expected you for dinner.
I got word from Moscow
that Kitty is seriously ill.
You behaved wrongly, l've been
wanting to tell you that.
But who is responsible?
Why do you say that to me?
You know why.
I forbid you to speak this way.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to go to Moscow
and beg Kitty's forgiveness.
You... don't really want that.
She's a marvelous actress!
Did you notice how she fell down?
She must have studied Kaulbach.
Show me to Princess Myaghkaya's box.
The best way to know about love is
to make a mistake and then correct it.
- Even after you've married?
- Exactly.
Karenina is quite changed
ever since her trip to Moscow.
Women with a shadow
usually come to a bad end.
When I was young, I was in love
with a deacon.
I will not leave Anna to your mercy.
I don't like Karenin.
In my opinion, he's plain stupid.
My husband says he's one of the best
politicians on the continent.
If you really love me
as you say,
give me back my peace of mind.
I came just to tell you that.
I never knew what peace was,
so l'm unable to give it to you.
I can only give you all of myself
and my love.
Never say such things to me
and let us remain friends.
Friends we shall never be
and you know it.
l'm unable to think of you and me
I see before us either despair
and wretchedness,
or happiness.
- Is there no chance of it?
- No! No!
You know that friendship's not what
I need.
Only one thing
can make me happy.
That word which frightens you so.
Yes, love.
I don't like to use that word
because it means so much to me.
l'm only asking for the right to go
on hoping and

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