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leave for Moscow?
I shan't be ready by tomorrow.
The day after.
No... the day after tomorrow
l've got to go to Maman's.
Couldn't you go there tomorrow?
The money l'm going for
won't be ready by tomorrow.
If that's how it is, we shan't go
at all.
- Why not?
- L'm not going later than Monday.
It's Monday or never!
But why?
It makes no sense.
Because you don't care about me!
You can't understand
what my life is like.
But there are necessities
with which we must comply.
You always boast of your uprightness,
so why don't you tell the truth?
You should know I never have boasted.
And I always tell the truth.
I wish you could learn to respect...
Respect... respect...
Respect was invented
to cover up the empty space
left by the absence of love.
Actually, if you no longer love me,
it would be more honest to say so.
Oh! It's getting intolerable!
Why do you try my patience?
It has limits!
What do you mean by that?
I don't understand
what you mean by that.
I mean to say...
What do you want of me, exactly?
Tell me.
What do I want?
What can I want?
Only that you should not desert me
as you wish to do.
I want love, and there is none.
So then... it's over?
It's finished!
Oh, there's a limit
to a man's endurance!
Has Madame finished her dinner?
Anna, we'II leave the day after
tomorrow, if you want.
Leave me! Who am I?
I am a depraved woman.
l'II go tomorrow. L'II give you your
freedom. I don't want to torment you.
You don't love me!
You love someone else!
Anna, why do you torture me
and torture yourself?
If you only knew
how desperate I feel!
l'm so afraid... l'm afraid of myself!
What must I do
to make you happy?
Good morning.
It's from Stiva... about the divorce.
He hasn't been able to get a reply
from Alexei Alexandrovich.
There's little hope,
but he'II do whatever he can.
I wish you cared as little about it
as I do.
This interests me because
I like things to be definite.
It's not form but love
that makes things definite.
Why do you want it so much?
l'm certain that your irritability
comes largely from
the indefiniteness of our situation.
That's not the reason.
l'm entirely at your mercy.
There's nothing indefinite about it.
On the contrary.
The indefiniteness consists
in your assuming l'm free.
Oh, don't let that worry you.
Let me reassure you.
l'm not interested in what marriage
your mother may be plotting for you.
- But that's beside the point!
- That's exactly the point!
Anyone who is heartless,
whether she's your mother
or a stranger,
doesn't deserve my attention.
Anna, I ask you not to speak
disrespectfully of my mother.
A woman
who can't feel in her heart
where the happiness of her son
may lie, has no heart.
I ask you once more not to speak so
of my mother whom I respect.
You don't love your mother!
It's only words!
- So we're definitely going tomorrow?
- You are. I am not.
Anna, we can't go on living like this.
You'II regret this, believe me.
I had to make up my mind.
I know what to do!
I am so glad to see you.
I should not have been surprised
if you refused to see me.
I am accustomed to it.
I came to say goodbye.
Are you going away?
l've heard so much about you,
from your husband too.
He paid me a visit.
I liked him very much.
- Where is he?
- He... he's gone to the country.
I liked him immensely.
Be sure to remember me to him.
Of course.
Why all these churches?
These bells? These lies?
Only to hide the fact
that we hate each other.
My love grows
more passionate and egoistic,
while his is waning
and that can't be helped.
I don't know these streets.
So many houses...
So many people in them...
No end of them,
and everyone hating everyone else.
Aren't we all thrown into this world
only to hate each other,
and then torture each other?
No, no, it can't go on.
We are growing apart.
I make him unhappy, he makes me
Nothing but lies and falsehood...
All is deceit, all...

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