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bewitched you,
I see it in your eyes.
I shall die...
Why did you marry me?
You would be free now. Go away!
Kitty, I beg of you... Stop it...
Kitty, please...
At what time?
- You're going away?
- Yes.
- Today?
- Yes. L'm going to Kashin.
We have to elect
The Marshal of the Nobility.
- I hope you won't feel Ionely.
- I hope I won't.
I received a box of books
from Gautier's.
- Will you be gone long?
- A few days.
Oh, no...
l'II have to take a trip to Moscow.
Well, if you have to go to Moscow,
l'II come too.
- L'm only going for a few days.
- L'II go for a few days too.
I won't stay here all alone.
Either we should separate
or we should live together.
l'd like to be with you always,
but I have obligations towards
my friends, towards society.
I understand.
But I shall go to Moscow too.
That sounds like a threat.
Let's not talk about it anymore.
- Why not?
- I must have some occupation!
Socially you have already got
far too many occupations.
You're a member of six public bodies:
you're a counselor, a juryman...
You've got so many obligations
that it looks like a farce.
Why are you so irritable, Anna?
No... I can't live like that!
You've grown tired of me,
l'm a burden to you.
You must not despair.
Your sorrow is great,
but you must find consolation.
I am crushed, annihilated.
I am no longer a man.
I cannot find the strength
to support me.
Christ's love
is our support.
- I am weak. I am crushed.
- My dear friend...
I foresaw nothing
and now I understand nothing.
It's not the loss I have sustained.
I have no regrets. But the humiliation
I suffer before people
because of my situation.
It is wrong, but I cannot help it.
Ask Him to help you.
Only in Him we will find comfort,
deliverance and love.
And now for practical matters.
Such things are not my strong point,
but I will be your housekeeper.
And now l'm going to tell Seryozha
that his father is a saint.
And how is your poor sister?
Give her my love.
She was so right in leaving
that half-wit husband of hers.
Everyone claimed he's such a clever
l'm the only one who said he's a fool.
That one was close!
And now that he got mixed up
with that stupid Lydia Ivanovna
and that dimwit Landau,
everybody realizes how right I was.
This one'II be a miss.
l've never heard of him.
We don't know about him in Moscow.
You haven't heard of Jules Landau?
It's because you live in the province.
Just another insane man.
Lydia Ivanovna brought him
to Petersburg from Paris.
- He is treating her husband.
- With no success.
Yesterday I asked Karenin to give me
an answer on behalf of my sister.
Instead I got an invitation
from Lydia Ivanovna.
You will meet Jules Landau there.
Now your sister's fate
depends on that Landau.
Is it true that Monsieur Landau
has cured Countess Bezukhov?
- Is he going to Paris?
- Yes, he heard a voice.
- What did he hear?
- A voice.
Oh, a voice...
I observe that Moscow people,
particularly men,
are utterly indifferent
to religion.
As I can see, you, unfortunately,
are one of the indifferent ones.
Have you read 'Happy Because Safe
From Harm'? No.
Give me your word
that you will read it.
It points the way to faith
and the happiness
that faith brings.
He is asleep.
Give him your hand, my friend,
and you will see, you will hear...
What did he say?
I couldn't make it out.
Come back at 10 o'clock.
Or even better, tomorrow.
Oh, did he speak of me?
Do not admit anyone.
Countess, Alexei Alexandrovich
wanted to inform me
of his decision
about divorcing my sister.
The answer is quite clear.
He heard a voice.
- What did he hear?
- A voice.
Ah, yes, a voice!
Help me, Almighty Father...
- Did you have a good time?
- Same as usual.
Wasn't it interesting?
Who was there?
The usual Moscow set... The Kourakins,
Maman and Princess Sorokin...
The girl your mother was so anxious
to have you marry?
Oh, that's good!
When do you want to

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