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Why can't I go to the theatre?
I love you
and there's nothing else that matters.
Why aren't you looking at me?
You know my feelings for you
will never change.
But l'm begging you not to go.
And I beg you to give me one good
reason why I should not.
Alyosha! Why do you come so late?
What a shame!
Madame Kartasova had no right...
- What did she do?
- She insulted Madame Karenina.
Go on, Maman is waiting.
No one can ever see you anymore.
Madame Karenina
is creating a sensation.
So much so they're forgetting Patti.
- I asked you not to speak in this...
- I only say what everyone's saying.
l'm so glad you're going to meet her.
Even though she's my sister,
I can say outright that she's...
a remarkable woman.
You'II see for yourself.
Her position in society is horrid!
Her situation's hell.
And there's no hope of its changing.
- Why?
- It's a long and boring story.
First her husband, then she,
refused the divorce.
Now they live in the country.
Another woman would have lost
courage long ago, but she...
You'II see how she's organized her
life, how calm she is.
She has a daughter. She must be
quite busy with her.
You think every woman is just
another brood hen, don't you?
If a woman is busy at all,
it can only be with children.
- Give us some work, sir.
- No, I have nothing for you.
- Where do you come from?
- From far away.
- Why did you come here?
- In search of work.
No, we don't have anything.
Only enough for our own peasants.
- Well, God bless you.
- Goodbye, sir.
Hard as their work is,
they haven't enough of it.
I admit there's much injustice
in the world.
Yes, it's true,
I do feel it but...
You won't give up what is yours
to them.
How can I do that?
But you're convinced
that it is unjust.
I always feel the injustice
of my being so much richer than them.
But I have my responsibilities
to the land, to my family,
and to society as well.
You see?
And I think
you must either admit that
the existing order is just
and defend your rights,
or acknowledge that you're enjoying
unjust privileges,
and then take pleasure in them.
I cannot enjoy them
when I see how poor my people are,
and know that it's unjust.
Well, then, don't enjoy them.
I feel l've long known and loved you
because of your friendship with Stiva
and because of your lovely wife.
But if she can't forgive me
my situation,
I hope she would never be able
to forgive me.
To forgive, one must go through it...
l'm not trying to prove something.
I only want to live and not harm
anyone... excepting me.
I have a right to that,
haven't I?
Once a peasant told me:
'All people are different.
One lives solely for his needs,
another for the salvation of his soul.
He remembers the Lord.'
To live not for what attracts you,
but for a God
that no one can understand
or define.
Do you think l'm living? L'm not.
Alexei can go
wherever and whenever he likes.
He has every right, I have none.
A great many couples stay for years
in the same old rut
that is hated by both husband and
simply because there's neither strife
nor happiness between them.
For me to be happy,
I must have with me
both my son and Alexei.
I love both of them equally,
and both more than myself.
If I can't have them both,
then nothing matters. Nothing matters.
That's the eternal mistake
of imagining happiness
as a fulfilled desire.
And what if all we have to look
forward to
is suffering, doubt and endless
dissatisfaction with oneself?
One cannot live then.
One must eitherjustify his life
to himself or...
A number of times I have been close
to suicide.
I hid the rope,
so I wouldn't hang myself.
I was afraid of carrying a gun about
lest I should shoot myself.
I am saved from despair
by love alone.
Do I regret anything? No.
If I had to live my life over,
l'd do the same thing,
because I love and l'm loved...
No. To live... to live!
You fell in love with that vile woman!
She has


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