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- Is there something higher?
- Vladimir.
- And still higher?
- Saint Andrew.
And higher than that?
You are far too young
to be interested in these things.
l've asked you to stop rocking.
Now name the patriarchs
who lived before the Flood.
Enos... Enoch...
Then Methuselah...
- Jared... Enos...
- You've already named Enos.
It's bad that you don't try to learn
the things which are the most
important for a Christian.
I must punish you.
l'm leaving now, and you're forbidden
to go for a walk as usual.
The nurse said that my mama isn't
really dead. Is it true?
She's dead... She's dead... for you.
'I haven't seen him for such a long
l'm so unhappy being separated
from my son.
l'm imploring you for permission
to see him, if only just once.
l'm turning to you
and not to Alexei Alexandrovich,
only because I do not want
that generous man to suffer.
Knowing of your friendship with him,
l'm sure you'II understand me.
Will you send Seryozha to me
or should I come to the house
when you tell me to?'
I have received a letter from her.
She is here, in Petersburg.
Oh, I congratulate you!
Lydia Ivanovna has taken Karenin
under her special protection.
The Countess has never stopped
being in love with someone:
a prince, the Metripolitan,
now it's Karenin.
He came straight
from the Winter Palace
where the Czar was congratulating
those who've been decorated.
She asks me to assist her
in arranging a meeting
with your son...
our little angel.
I do not believe
that I have the right to refuse her.
You never see evil in anyone.
I see evil everywhere,
but would it be fair?
There is a limit to everything.
And if you ask my advice...
l'd advise you not to do it.
Without any hesitation I wouldn't
advise it.
With your permission...
l'II answer her letter.
All we may do is pray to Almighty God
to have mercy on her.
I want to see Seryozha...
Sergey Alexeyevich.
Let me take a look.
He's waking up.
Madame is here?
It's me. Come here.
Seryozha, my darling!
Today is my birthday.
I knew you'd come.
Mama, why are you crying?
I won't cry.
l'm crying forjoy.
I haven't seen you for such a long
time. Now, you must get dressed.
Yes. Only I don't wash with cold
water. Papa said not to.
You're sitting on my clothes.
My darling, you didn't believe
I was dead?
I never believed it,
mama darling!
Don't go away, he's not coming yet.
My darling!
My blessed little monkey!
You won't forget me?
Don't go. He won't come.
My baby, love your father.
I did him a terrible wrong.
When you're older, you'II understand.
He's kinder than I am, and better.
No! I don't want to!
Mama! Darling mama!
No one is better than you!
Mama! Mama!
You know how fond I am of Anna.
Don't think l'm condemning her.
But she simply doesn't understand
her situation.
I cannot receive her.
I can't change the world.
I know she won't be received
in court circles.
But our close friends,
they can and they must understand.
She might meet people in my house
who take a different view of things.
You'II be snubbed by them.
No, as long as her situation remains...
I simply cannot receive her.
Don't be angry with me.
I see...
Please understand it's not my fault.
But l'm pained all the more
because this ends our friendship, too.
You will understand that for me
there can be no other way.
Are you really going to the theatre?
Why shouldn't I?
l've wanted to hear Patti for so long.
Why do you ask in such a frightened
After all, there isn't any reason
not to go...
l'm not going alone. Yashvin
won't be a compromising escort.
Anna, what's wrong with you?
- What do you mean?
- You know you can't go.
Why? You're busy.
You can stay at home.
- Don't you realize that...
- No! And I don't want to!
- But you must understand...
- I don't care to!
For us, only one thing counts:
whether we love each other or not.
There can be no other


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