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It's a feast, Danil,
and you are saying...
They are not sinners...
She is not a sinner, even if
she does not wear a scarf.
She is not a sinner.
Leave him alone. Let
God's servant repent.
The Passion According to Andrei
Part Two
Autumn of 1 408
They are coming! The
Tatars are coming, Prince!
Hey, Prince! Is this your ford?
It has been raining, and
everything is flooded. Follow us.
We were just going to leave.
We expected you yesterday.
I couldn't resist attacking
a small town on my way.
I am sorry I am late.
Never mind. Let's go. It will be
shallow to the left. Keep to the left.
This isn't a trap?
Believe me, Vladimir is deserted.
My brother, the Grand
Prince, is in Lithuania.
Here is the town, behind that forest.
They say the Prince has a
son, but you want the throne.
We'll see.
I see you want the
throne. I understand.
You were told to keep left.
Grab this!
Come on, Prince! Don't lag behind!
Strong is your love for your brother.
This is our destiny.
When were you last
reconciled with him?
I never was. The
Metropolitan summoned us...
...and made us kiss the cross
and swear to live in harmony.
What are you saying?
The Metropolitan
summoned us to kiss the cross.
- When?
- Last winter.
Vladimir is a beautiful town.
Do you like it?
Let's go.
Forward! You dog,
stay close, or I'll kill you!
Keep close to the
Prince! To the gates!
Run away!
What is going on?
The Grand Prince is coming.
The brother has arrived.
Hold him, hold him!
Brothers, what are you doing?
We are all fellow Russians.
I'll show you if we are fellow
Russians, you Vladimir swine!
Catch him! Catch him!
Run around! Don't you hear me?
Where the devil are
we? There's no one here.
They've all fled.
How your bitch has grown;
doesn't remember me, eh?
Vaska, take the dog.
Oh please, let me go!
Don't be afraid, beautiful.
I'll show you how Tatars can love.
Well, Prince?
Aren't you sorry about the cathedral?
Tell me, Prince, who is that woman?
It's no woman, it's the
Virgin Mary: the Nativity.
Who is in the box?
Christ, her son.
How can she be a
virgin if she has a son?
Strange things happen in Russia!
Very interesting.
Tie his legs tighter!
Tell the truth, you dog!
Hold on, hold on! I
haven't seen your gold.
B y God, by God, I haven't seen it!
It hurts!
I don't know where the gold
is; it probably was stolen.
Your Tatars must have
taken it. You're all thieves.
Ask around your own men.
He hasn't told the truth.
Come here, I'll tell you something.
See how the devils torture
an innocent Russian believer.
Look, you Judas, you dirty Tatar!
You lie, I'm Russian.
I recognize you. You
resemble your brother.
You've sold Russia!
I recognized you!
Mark my words!
" No Tatar shall ever
set foot on Russian soil."
This is my vow to the Lord.
Give me a cross. Let a
believer kiss the cross.
You'll get your cross.
If I have sinned, may God
forgive me. God is merciful.
Lord, will you pardon me?
But all of you will boil in pitch.
You will leave and
we will rebuild again...
...but your guts will
go to the fires of hell.
What are you doing this for?
Theophanes? But you are dead.
I wanted to see you so much.
Even if you had not wanted,
I would have come anyway.
I dreamed you were suspended
in a window with your head down.
You look in, and wag
your finger at me...
...and I'm lying across a saddle...
...and two Tatars twist my head.
And you look at me,
and tap on the window.
And I cry out to you.
What do you cry?
What's happening to us?
We are being murdered and raped.
Together with Tatars,
they are pillaging churches.
And you said to me...
Only now I'm worse off than you.
You're dead, but I...
Dead? What of it?
I didn't mean that.
I've spent half my life in blindness.
I worked for people day and night.
But they aren't people, are they?
What you said was true.
So what if I said it then?
You are wrong now,
I was wrong then.

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