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spoiled her.
I say!
No one can build a
mansion better than us.
Who could paint like that?
Look at the carving.
Only Mitiai can do this
directly, without tracing.
It's like a bird singing.
Look. Maybe it is like a bird singing.
I don't care. I can sleep on the
hay. You are the Grand Prince.
Don't you like it?
I'll tell you this. It
should be repainted.
Walls, ceiling, everything:
brighter, stronger colors.
I've been in this trade for forty years.
It's not the years that matter...
...but your ability to glorify the
Grand Prince with your work.
That's enough. Go.
We won't redo anything.
It's time to go. We have another job.
They are waiting for us in Z venigorod.
At your brother's. They
have the stone already.
A beautiful stone. Whiter than this.
When your brother came at Easter...
...we made a deal and he said: " Do
what you like, whatever the cost.
" I'll tax the peasants more, just
build me the best mansion possible."
Then go to Z venigorod.
Here, I have brought it.
When I looked at the
Prince, he became numb.
- When I mentioned Z venigorod?
- Yes, he became paralyzed.
He fears his brother will outshine him.
- Who carved that?
- I did.
Why didn't you set it in the wall?
It didn't come out right.
Pity; it's rather good.
Everything crumbles: I told the Prince
to spare no expense on the stone.
Maybe now he's sorry when
he heard about Z venigorod.
I could have carved
beautiful things for him.
Come on, you ass!
Where's Stepan?
Where did Stepan gallop to?
He went to Z venigorod
with the others.
I've dirtied my hands.
We'll build another mansion just
as good for the Prince's brother.
Will the stone be better there?
Yes, it will.
Look, the Captain of the Guard.
Hold on, old man.
You, ass! Help him! In the bushes!
Where's my whip?
Has anyone seen my whip?
Damn. I've lost it. Have
you seen my whip, ass?
- Seryoga.
- What?
Read the Scriptures.
From where?
From wherever you like.
" lmitate me, just as
I also imitate Christ.
" Now I praise you, brethren, that
ye remember me in all things...
"...and keep the ordinances
as I delivered them to you.
" But I would have you know, that
the head of every man is Christ...
"...and the head of the
woman is the man...
"...and the head of Christ is God.
" Every man praying or prophesying,
having his head covered...
"...dishonoreth his head. But every
woman that prayeth or prophesieth...
"...with her head uncovered,
dishonoreth her head...
"...for that is even all one
as if she were shaven.
" For if the woman be not
covered, let her also be shorn...
"...but if it be shame for a woman
to be shorn or shaven...
"...let her be covered.
" For a man ought
not to cover his head...
"...forasmuch as he is the
image and glory of God...
"...but the woman is
the glory of the man.
" For the man is not of the woman;
but the woman of the man.
" Neither was the man created for the
woman; but the woman for the man.
" For this cause ought the woman
to have power on her head...
"...because of the angels.
" Nevertheless neither is
the man without the woman...
"...neither the woman
without the man, in the Lord."
Go on reading.
" For as the woman is of the
man, even so is the man...
"...also by the woman;
but all things of God.
"Judge in yourselves: is it comely...
"...that a woman pray
unto God uncovered?
" Doth not even nature itself teach
you that, if a man have long hair...
"...it is a shame unto him?
" But if a woman have long
hair, it is a glory to her...
"...for her hair is given her for..."
Why have you stopped? Read.
"But if a woman have long
hair, it is a glory for her...
"But if any man seem
to be contentious...
"But if any man seem
to be contentious...
"...we have no such custom...
"...neither the Churches of God.
"Now in this that I declare
unto you I praise you not...
"...that ye come together
not for the better...
"...but for the worse."
Danil, listen.
It's a

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