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fire will consume you!
The Last Judgment awaits!
Now we'll tie you to this cross...
...like Jesus Christ.
What are you doing, men?
You can't do this to me.
This is a sin. At least
hang me upside-down.
Men, brothers!
Leave him here for the night,
unless he ascends again.
He's not going anywhere.
- And who is this?
- Marfa.
Why did you want to be head
down? It would have been worse.
Why did you threaten us
with fire from heaven?
It is a sin to go naked
and do what you do.
What sin? Tonight is for
lovemaking; is love a sin?
Is it love to tie a man up like this?
You might call the monks...
...who would force us
to accept your faith.
Do you think it's easy to live in fear?
You live in fear because you
know no love but bestial love.
Carnality without soul; but
love should be brotherly.
Isn't all love the same? It's just love.
What are you doing?
Untie me.
Why are you looking at me?
Where were you?
Thank God.
Are these the people?
No, these are strangers.
Don't you see it?
There is some onion, if you want it.
Where were you?
These forests are impenetrable;
I'm all scratched.
The local people like it.
They are accustomed to it.
For people, everything
is a matter of custom.
Old people don't need to think...
...for their days pass
according to custom.
But perhaps they consciously
enjoy the way the days drag on.
- Couldn't you get here before?
- No. I couldn't.
That is your sin, your
conscience, your prayers.
Get him, and her!
Why are they doing that?
Because the accursed pagans
don't believe in one God.
Don't look, Sergei. There
is nothing to look at.
Let me go!
- Let me go!
- You can't see that!
Kick him so he shuts up!
Go, go! Don't dawdle!
Help, Fyodor! Help!
Can't you deal with a woman?
Hold her!
Marfa, run!
Catch her!
- Where are you going?
- She will drown herself!
Marfa! Run, Marfa!
Swim, Marfa!
Summer 1 408
Come here!
He's just wasting materials.
Who needs it?
- What do you want?
- Can I go for a swim?
- No, you can't.
- It's hot!
Don't be lying. It's not.
Maybe he's really hot. I'm hot too.
Of course, you are
working and he is sitting.
Let him go swim.
Don't spoil him.
Let him be sitting with everyone.
You shut up!
You sleep all day long like a log...
...and you come down only
to eat and go to the bathroom.
And have you found a job for me?
- You have found what you wanted.
- So what?
Since everyone is sitting here,
let Serezhka be sitting with us too.
If you had let him go, he
would have been back already.
Give him freedom...
...and he will sit in the
water until he turns blue.
He only thinks that it's hot...
...and that's why he is whining.
- He's not whining, you are.
It was me.
I was the first to say
it's hot, and not Sergei.
Why are you picking on Sergei?
That's it!
You want to go swimming, go!
Go! Why are you sitting?
Go, go!
Here! You see?
Wait! Wait!Where's Andrei?
Not here? This is a
fine state of affairs.
I was at our bishop's house just now.
Such a fuss. Yelling!
He was purple with rage.
" I've lost patience!" he cried.
He meant you. All of you.
" For two whole months," he said,
"everything has been ready.
" But they haven't started yet.
" Nothing is ready; they asked for
so much money, but do nothing.
" None of them is working
and nothing is ready."
Did you ask for a lot of money?
How do I know?
He said, " I don't care. Danil
Chorny or Andrei Rublev...
"...it's all the same to me."
" It's all the same."
And he pulled a face like this.
" What do I care
about Andrei Rublev?
" B y autumn," he says...
"...I want the cathedral
painted, and that's that!"
He's sent a courier with a
complaint to the Grand Prince.
He's sent a courier
to the Grand Prince.
It's a complaint about you, you know.
You haven't started yet.
You'd better hurry
up. Where's Andrei?
He's gone somewhere again.
Can't you start without him?
Go on, start without him.

- 13

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