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is praised
today is abused tomorrow.
They will forget you, me, everything.
All is vanity and ashes. Worse
things have been forgotten.
Humanity has already committed
every stupidity and baseness...
...and now it only repeats them.
Everything is an eternal circle
and it repeats and repeats itself.
If Jesus returned to earth,
they would crucify him again.
Of course, if only
evil is remembered...
...then you will never be
happy in the sight of God.
Perhaps we must forget
some things; but not all.
I don't know how to say it.
Then be quiet and listen to me.
You think that one can
only do good alone?
Good. Remember
the New Testament.
Jesus taught people in the temples...
...so why did they
gather later? To kill him!
"Crucify him!" they shouted.
And the disciples? Judas
sold Him. Peter denied Him.
They all ran away,
yet they were the best.
But they repented.
That was afterwards,
when it was too late.
It's never too late to repent.
Of course, people do evil.
But you can not
blame them altogether.
It's difficult...
...and sinful, I think.
Judas sold the Christ, and
remember who bought him.
And who accused Jesus?
The scribes and Pharisees...
...they could not find witnesses,
however hard they tried.
"Who will testify against this innocent?"
Only later on they found the traitors.
Two were found immediately.
Two, and not one.
There were only two.
The Pharisees were
masters of deceit, educated.
They had studied to gain power...
...to take advantage of
the people's ignorance.
We must remind people more
often that they are people.
Russians, of the same
blood, of the same land.
Evil is everywhere.
Someone will always sell
you for thirty pieces of silver.
New misfortunes constantly
befall the peasant...
...either Tatars three times an
autumn, or famine, or plague...
...and he still keeps on
working, working, working...
...meekly bearing his cross.
He does not despair,
he is silent and patient.
He only prays to God
for enough strength.
How could God not
forgive him his ignorance?
You know yourself. You're
tired and discouraged...
...and suddenly...
...in the crowd you
meet a human glance...
...and everything's lighter,
as it is after Communion.
Isn't it so?
You just spoke of Jesus.
Perhaps He was born and
crucified to reconcile God and man.
Jesus came from God,
so He is all-powerful.
And if He died on the cross,
it was predetermined...
...and His crucifixion
and death were God's will.
That would have aroused hatred
not in those who crucified Him...
...but in those who loved Him...
...if they had been near
Him at that moment...
...because they loved
Him as a man only.
But if He, of His own will, left them...
...He displayed injustice,
or even cruelty.
Maybe those who
crucified Him loved Him...
...because they helped
in this divine plan.
Do you understand
what you are saying?
They'll exile you to the north,
man, to renovate the icons.
Am I not right? You too
always say what you think.
But I'm not a monk; I'm free.
Spring 1 408
Sergei, over here!
Light the fire.
Foma, let's get some logs.
Piotr has probably never seen...
...either Assumption Cathedral
or Saint Dmitry Cathedral.
Never mind, he will begin
working, and understand things.
Foma! Where are you?
We won't be on time.
It's okay, we'll be there tomorrow.
No. We'll never finish the Cathedral
of the Assumption by winter.
It's almost June, Andrei.
What is it?
Quiet! Do you hear it?
Nothing else?
Come on.
- What is it?
- Come on.
They're practicing witchcraft.
Where are you going?
Come to me.
Hold on.
Come to me.
Take your hand away.
There is an anthill.
- Who is this?
- I don't know.
Let's go.
It seemed to me...
...as if a black snake
was hiding himself.
What are you doing?
Let me go!
We'll let you go.
At dawn, we'll hang a stone around
your neck, to help you swim.

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