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and let thy heart cheer thee
in the days of thy youth.
Walk in the ways of thine heart,
and in the sight of thine eyes...
...but know that for all these...
...God will bring thee into judgment.
Remember now thy Creator
in the days of thy youth...
...before the difficult days come...
...and the years draw nigh,
when thou shalt say...
..."I have no pleasure in them."
Remember thy Creator...
...before the silver cord be loosed.
Or the golden bowl be broken...
...or the pitcher
shattered at the fountain...
...or the wheel broken at the well.
Then shall the dust return
to the earth as it was...
...and the spirit shall return
unto God who gave it.
"Vanity of vanities,"
saith the preacher; "All is vanity."
Kirill, have you seen Father Nikodim?
Where has he got to
since this morning?
He took my gloves, then disappeared
as though the earth swallowed him.
I have to chop wood
and the logs are icy.
Why is your candle
burning? It's daylight.
Did you feed my dog?
Did you ask me to?
What's the matter with you?
Go away.
The words of the wise are like
goads, and the words of scholars...
...are like well-driven nails,
given by one Shepherd.
And further, my son, you
should stay away from these.
Of making many
books there is no end...
...and much study is
wearisome to the flesh.
Let us hear the conclusion
of the whole matter...
Fear God and keep
His commandments...
...for this is man's all.
A messenger has come!
Who has come? A messenger
from Moscow has come.
A messenger has come
from the Grand Prince.
- So?
- So so!
A messenger from
Theophanes the Greek.
The Grand Prince
orders you to Moscow...
...to paint the Cathedral of the
Annunciation, with Theophanes.
Is he really Andrei
Rublev, this fellow?
Yes, he's Rublev... and I'm Kirill.
Theophanes the Greek says
he wants you in Moscow...
...and he wishes to see you.
I thank Theophanes.
Tell him...
...that I'll come.
I'll come.
My head is splitting!
Bring my horse here.
What is wrong?
Choose whichever helpers you
like and be ready tomorrow.
Is there a blacksmith
here? If not, I'll fall off again.
There is a smithy outside,
beyond the chapel.
Farewell, God-fearing people!
Semyon! Come here!
Come here and help us!
Why are you standing? Come here!
Let's go today, shall we, Danil?
Go quickly, before
Theophanes changes his mind.
I'm not going.
Why aren't you going?
How can I manage without you?
As best you can.
I thought we'd go together.
Why did you think for
me? I was not invited.
I can't do it without you.
You can; you agreed
to go without asking me.
Theophanes simply beckoned.
Don't grieve; you're
not the first, or the last.
Even without you there's
plenty of work for me here.
Thank God for it.
Foma, Aleksei. Let's get ready.
Piotr, you're coming with me.
Did you forget something, Andrei?
I came to say farewell.
We've said farewell.
I came to say farewell, but...
It was hard for me before.
Then the devil created
enmity between us.
I can't go away like this.
I must make confession.
Will you hear it?
I cannot do anything, Danil...
...after living so many years
together in the same cell.
Apart from you, I have no one.
I see the world with your eyes.
I hear it with your ears...
...with your heart.
I am happy for you, you old fool.
If only you knew how happy.
Go to Moscow. Paint;
I shall be proud of you.
The devil tempted me the
other day too. Forgive me.
I'll come back, Danil.
Where are you going?
What about Vespers?
I'll manage without you.
What's wrong with you today, Kirill?
I'm tired of lying. I'm going
back into the secular world.
Why did we leave
the Trinity Monastery?
Andrei, Danil, you are
not saying anything.
Because the brothers valued
profit higher than faith.
They forgot why they had
entered a monastery. And now?
We sought to praise God with faith
and work, but what's happened?
The monastery's become a bazaar.
Servant of God, how many souls

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