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the beard!
My woman might have
been playing in the bushes.
I'll show you!
Come here, you.
What are you doing?
Give it back to him.
Where were you, Kirill?
Outside. Shall we go?
Danil, the rain's stopped; let's go.
Christ be with you, mistress.
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I'm innocent!
Let me go!
Is anyone in here?
Have you come to look?
Yes, to look.
Then look. We'll soon be finished.
So you are Theophanes the Greek?
Why look at me? Look there.
Where are you from?
From Andronnikov Monastery.
From Andronnikov Monastery?
Are you by chance Andrei Rublev?
I've heard everyone
praise this Rublev.
He's good, but not as good as this.
Such delicate colors.
Oh Lord, it's just...
Why did you stop
praising me? Go on.
I can't. I can't find the right words.
Konstantin Kostechevsky
was right when he said:
"Only with true insight...
"...can you grasp its essence."
Whereas Andrei... and
I'll tell him to his face...
He's like my brother.
He's praised, it's true:
he paints well. With subtlety.
But there's something
lacking in all his work.
There's no awe, no faith...
...no faith that comes from
the depths of his soul.
No simplicity.
As Epiphanius said in
"The Life of Saint Sergeius":
"Simplicity, without gaudiness."
That is what this is. It's sacred.
Simplicity, without gaudiness...
you can't say it better.
I see you are a wise man.
If so, is that a good thing?
If one is ignorant, isn't it better
to be guided by one's heart?
In much wisdom
there is much grief...
...and he who increases
knowledge increases sorrow.
Proshka! Where is that oil?
Whose ears should I box?
It is as though the earth
has swallowed everyone.
They say you paint quickly.
I cannot work any
other way. I get bored.
I wasted a week on an icon once.
You threw it away?
No. I used the board
to press cabbage.
It's all so boring.
I have pupils and
assistants in abundance...
...but none of them is any good.
They can neither read nor write.
Listen, help me. Be my assistant.
Don't make fun of me.
I'm not making fun of you.
In spring, I must paint the Church
of the Annunciation in Moscow...
...and I have no
assistants to do it with.
The scaffolding is being built.
- Do you understand?
- I do understand.
But I wouldn't be able to cope.
I'll teach you. You never
prepared a wall for a fresco?
You've a brain; even these
idiots can prepare a wall.
I said no and I mean no.
You know best...
...but mind you don't
regret it; I am rancorous.
I may regret it, but it's a sin for you.
An unknown monk comes to you...
...and you like the fact that you
can talk about books with him...
...and you decide to
take him and favor him.
But I haven't looked at a book for
three years and I don't want to.
- Why?
- I have a different road.
Wicked bastards!
Where is Proshka? Where is Vikenty?
They ran to the square to see how
they were going to kill the ruler.
Wicked bastards!
And you don't want to help?
- I shall die soon.
- You shouldn't say that.
The other night I
dreamed of an angel.
He said: "Come with me."
I said: " I shall die soon, without you."
You won't change
your mind, will you?
Only on one condition.
Whatever you want.
Money? Half my fee, okay?
No. I'll work for nothing
if you yourself...
..e to Andronnikov
Monastery to fetch me.
Before the community, the
metropolitan, ask me to help you...
...before the brotherhood,
before Andrei Rublev.
Then I shall serve you like a slave...
...like a dog, until the day I die.
What is your name?
Orthodox Christians, lovers of truth.
How long will this torture go
on, when will you end this?
You are thoughtless
sinners, yet you judge.
You faithless heathens!
He has already seven
times atoned for his sins...
...for both his sins and yours.
You are incredible
sinners yourselves.
And you judge...
...but you don't have God with you.
Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth...


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