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Everything is ready. Shall we begin?
Come on!
It's coming, Boriska!
It's coming! It's coming.
It's coming, Boriska!
It's coming! It's coming.
God, help me.
What a day tomorrow will be!
We should get some sleep.
Boriska! Let's go, shall we?
Just a moment.
This is what happened, Andrei.
I've thought it over and
I've decided to tell you.
You know how much I envied.
Envy just gnawed at me.
It was inside me like a poison.
I couldn't stand it any longer, that's
why I left. I left because of you.
When I heard you had given
up painting, the envy went.
My heart grew lighter. Then I forgot.
I only want to copy the
Scriptures before I die.
The Father Superior is strict...
...and his punishment is
not easy in my old age.
I'm afraid I won't have
enough time to finish my task.
Why am I repenting? Why
should I repent to you?
You yourself are a
greater sinner than I.
Yes, yes, greater than I.
What am I? A humble worm;
nothing is demanded of me.
But you, what are you?
For what sacred deed did
God give you your talent?
For what did you deserve it?
Lord, I don't want to say this.
I know Nikon has sent a
third messenger to you...
...to persuade you to come
back to paint the Trinity.
And you sent them all back.
You wouldn't even talk to them.
I'll tell you the truth. I won't lie.
Then, in my dirty soul,
there, in the very depth of it...
...there was a tiny flicker of joy.
And now...
...my life is ending;
my soul calls out for rest.
Nikon doesn't care
a bit for your life.
He wants you here, to glorify and
strengthen his power with your talent.
Never mind Nikon, but listen to me.
Go to the Trinity Cathedral
and paint, paint, paint!
Don't burden your soul, for it is an
awful sin to deny the divine spark.
If Theophanes were alive,
wouldn't he say the same thing?
Look at me, look at the ungifted
one. Why do you think I returned?
For a crust of bread, to
finish my life in peace.
I shall die soon and
nothing will remain after me.
And I know that I will die soon.
Nor have you much longer to live.
Do you want to take
your talent to the grave?
Why are you silent, Andrei?
Give me at least one word.
It was I who
denounced that jester then.
Curse me, but don't
stay silent, Andrei.
Curse me.
Well, how is it?
Come on, then.
Everyone, get away!
What's going on up there?
Everything is okay.
Come on, come on! Everyone go up!
Is everyone ready?
Well? Come on.
Go on. Give the signal.
Come on!
The Grand Prince is coming
with a foreign ambassador.
Is everything ready?
If not, watch out!
We bless and consecrate
this bell with holy water.
In the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.
Look what kind of people
are overseeing here.
Where are you going?
Isn't it rather peculiar?
They're all peculiar here.
Come on, come on, dumbbell!
Shall I help you, or will
you touch it yourself?
What do you think will
come out of all this travesty?
What do you think?
In my opinion, nothing
good will come out of this.
Excuse me, Your Excellency, but I think
you are being deceived by appearances.
Look at all of this!
What do you think of this
dumb bell, this awkward scaffold?
I would sum it up and
say this bell will not ring.
In fact, it can't ring.
Does Your Excellency
wish to make a wager?
I think you underestimate the
situation these people are in.
Besides, they were
the ones that built it.
That may be true, but I wouldn't
venture to call that thing a bell.
Excellency, they fully understand...
...that the Prince will behead
them if it doesn't ring.
Judging from the face of that youth...
...one could say that he is
aware of the circumstances.
Don't you think so?
...have you heard that the Grand
Prince beheaded his brother?
It seems they were twins.
Look at that marvelous girl! My God!
My friend, that girl is not
more than thirteen years old.
That doesn't make her less attractive.
Sometimes these girls

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