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your pity.
Let's go back, Boriska.
I can't. I know that's not the right clay.
Then what is right?
I know what it is.
I don't need people like you.
I can manage without you.
I don't need such people!
I have found it!
Uncle Fyodor! I've found it!
The clay! Uncle Seymon!
We've found the good clay, Stepan!
Here is the clay!
I have found the clay, Stepan!
Andreika! Andreika!
Where are you all?
Boriska! Boriska!
- What?
- Shall I dig in?
I'm coming.
What are you saying?
I'm coming!
Where's Nikolai?
He left this morning to fetch wood.
- It should be here already.
- He'll be back by evening.
The evening? I need
to reinforce it now.
To the devil with your
Nikolai, he's an idiot.
Why are you standing there? Work!
- The merchants don't agree.
- What do you mean?
They have tripled the price.
They say it's still cheap.
Buy it. What else can we do?
Buy it at this price?
Buy, I say!
The Prince will flay
you. We'll ruin him.
I no longer care. Buy it.
You're in the way,
Father. It's dangerous.
Don't dig in without me.
- Boriska!
- Just one moment.
The cast won't hold;
it needs another layer.
Another layer? You should
have applied the clay already.
You haven't put up the frame yet!
It needs reinforcing, but
there are no more twigs.
We're not going to reinforce
it. We start firing tonight.
Is he kidding?
If we don't reinforce
the cast, it won't hold.
It will crack and our
work will be wasted.
If it snows and we can't fire,
won't our work be wasted, too?
They'll flog me, not you.
The cast won't hold like this.
Apply the clay.
Do you hear me?
I won't do it.
You won't? Then get out!
Andreika, apply the clay.
He won't do it, either.
Are you going to apply the clay?
The metal will burst the mold.
It needs reinforcement.
Will you obey me?
Who is in charge here?
It needs reinforcement.
Flog him! He refuses to work.
He won't obey my orders.
I'll show you who's in charge!
Your father treated us better.
You remember him? Then
flog him in my father's name.
All right, apply the clay.
Start the work without me.
But we're waiting for you.
Start without me.
Rest, sleep a little.
Why are you staring at me?
Lost your tongue? Are you deaf?
Are you sorry for him?
Go and console him;
that's what a monk is for.
O Lord. O Queen of Heaven...
I can't understand how the Grand
Prince trusted him with all this.
Boriska! Wake up!
I've started the firing.
Why did you start without me?
I told you to wake me.
Only I know when to start.
Fyodor, the Prince's men have
come, and they want to see you.
What heat!
What heat!
That's enough.
Not enough silver; tell the
Prince not to be so miserly.
Our Grand Prince is never miserly.
I don't care. I need another
eighteen pounds of silver.
What's eighteen pounds
of silver, more or less?
Who knows the secret
of bell-casting, I or you?
Tell the Prince not to be miserly.
We need another sixteen pounds.
Are you mad?
I'll get all the silver I
want from the Prince.
Imagine, if after this it doesn't ring!
Watch out.
I recognize him!
Beat him! Beat him!
Are you mad? To
attack someone like that.
You've mistaken him for another.
I'm not mistaken. I
recognize you, Judas.
How handsome he used to be
then. Now he has lost his looks.
Thanks to him, I spent
ten years in prison...
...and they cut off half my tongue.
I'll kill him!
I'll kill him!
I'll kill him!
He's innocent, brother.
He's betrayed no one.
I swear it by the Holy Cross.
Lord, why this punishment?
Strike me, but don't touch him.
Get up.
You're heavy.
The Prince's jester died.
They wanted me to go, but
I'd rather be a carpenter.
I recognize him.
He denounced me.
Give me something to drink.
There are worse things than that.
Andreika, stand aside.
Why stand there? Work!
Add some more, add
some more! Come on!
Boriska, where is he?
Boriska, where is he?
Boriska, the second furnace is ready.
Go, go! We're all


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