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haven't we the same faith...
...the same land...
...the same blood?
One Tatar even smiled.
Like this!
And shouted:
" Even without us you'll
cut each other's throats!"
What a disgrace.
They killed everyone.
Even my Seryoga.
I found him on such a special day.
She is the only one that survived.
It's time for me to go.
Don't go. Don't you like
being with me; are you bored?
All right, I won't...
Let's sit and talk. I'll tell you...
But I already know everything.
Then you know I'll never paint again.
Why so?
Because it's of no use
to anyone. That's all.
So what? Your
iconostasis was burned.
Do you know how many of mine
they burned? In Pskov, Novgorod...
You are committing a grave sin.
I haven't told you the worst.
I killed a man.
A fellow Russian.
When I saw him carrying her off.
Look at her.
Just look at her!
I don't remember how it happened.
I caught up with him...
...and I couldn't help it.
Through our sins, evil
has assumed human form.
Encroaching evil means
encroaching humanity.
God will forgive you;
don't forgive yourself.
Live, between divine
forgiveness and your own torment.
As for your sins, what
do your scriptures say?
" Learn to do good: seek justice...
"...rebuke the oppressor, defend
the fatherless, plead for the widow.
"Come now, and let us reason
together, saith the Lord...
"...though your sins be as scarlet...
"...they shall be as white as snow."
See, I haven't forgotten;
that may comfort you.
I know, God is merciful
and will pardon me.
I shall offer the Lord
a vow of silence.
I have nothing more
to say to people.
Is this a good idea?
I have no right to advise you.
Didn't you go to heaven?
I can only say it is not as
you imagine it on earth.
Russia, Russia!
Our mother country suffers
all; she will endure all.
But how long will this go on?
I don't know. Forever, most likely.
Yet how beautiful all this is.
It's snowing.
Nothing is more terrible
than snow falling in a temple.
Winter 1 412
The apples are all rotten.
In all my years, I've
never seen such a famine.
We are slowly dying out.
Lord have pity on us.
Mefody is bringing someone again.
Mefody, you should not
be the gate-keeper...
...because you will let the whole
neighborhood in here to eat.
- Sit down, man of God.
- Thank you.
To eat!
You can't feed all the hungry people.
There is no one in the neighborhood.
The villages are deserted.
Everyone has left Khotkovo.
The people of Semyonovka have fled.
They've fled, they've fled!
It's true. I passed
Semyonovka this morning.
In Vladimir it is even worse.
No harvest for three
years; everyone has fled.
Those who stayed are eating mice.
Why are you whispering?
I'm not whispering. I have a
cold. I spent a night in a lake.
Why was that?
Wolves chased me; I fled to the
lake, praying they wouldn't follow.
I was standing like that till dawn.
When I got out, I
was completely numb.
I've been sick for two weeks
and I'm shivering all over.
- So you're from Vladimir.
- I used to live there.
Someone else from Vladimir is here.
Andrei Rublev. Have
you heard of him?
He has sinned, and
now he is atoning.
He has brought a holy
fool with him from Vladimir.
A mute girl.
Now they are silent together.
Though she is a holy fool, she
knows where to get better food.
He has brought her...
...so that he may
always remember his sin.
Can you call it holiness?
And Rublev's guild?
It fell apart.
Some were killed by Tatars...
...others were driven away.
Is Danil alive?
Some say he went
north, others say he died.
So he's given up his craft?
Aren't you Kirill?
Kirill, is it you?
Father! Master! Kirill has come back!
Father! Let your
prodigal son Kirill back in!
You didn't ask me
if you could leave...
...and now you want to come back?
You didn't like it in the secular world?
No, I won't take you in.
My God, why hast thou forsaken me?
Now you want back
into the den of thieves...

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