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Американский ниндзя

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That's enough, Corporal. I don't want
to hear any more from either of ya.
The man's been nothing but trouble.
He's gonna be court-martialled...
...and I'm gonna make sure
he gets what's coming to him.
You're dismissed, Corporal.
Yes, sir.
The American knows too much.
It is too dangerous to let him live.
- He must be terminated.
- My men failed to kill him in the jungle.
They made the mistake
of underestimating him. I will not.
Can you do it? Can you kill him?
- (speaks Japanese)
- Then do it.
- Tonight.
- Hai.
Yeah, it's probably a fuse.
Where is that damn box?
Hey, Tuck? Tucker?
Get this damn thing to
work here. Let's see now.
Hold it right there!
All right. Freeze!
- What happened to Charlie?
- They got him.
- Over there. He went that way.
- I'll get it.
- Damn. Look at his neck.
- I think he's gone.
- What's goin' on?
- Hey, Collins, over here.
- What's up?
- What's all the commotion about?
- This way.
- Jackson.
Joe, how did you get out of prison?
Never mind. I need your help.
The ninjas were sent
to kill me in my cell...
All right, wait. Start from the beginning.
The sergeant's got
some big operation going.
OK, hold it. Pull up, yeah.
Get the light over here.
Oh, my God.
This is crazy. You'll get yourself killed.
Why don't we tell the colonel?
No, they're leaving in the morning.
I gotta catch Ortega before he leaves.
What I need is a jeep. Meet me behind
the motor pool in a half-hour. You got it?
- Yeah.
- And Jackson... be careful, huh?
Here he comes.
- Jackson, what is she doing here?
- You can't go through with it.
- You'll get killed.
- Gimme the jeep.
- Will you trust me on this one?
- Joe, please listen to me, please.
Why don't you talk to my father?
He'll listen to you.
- I know what I'm doing.
- You gotta trust somebody sometime.
If I mean anything to you,
please trust me now.
- I can't.
- We're the only two people you can trust.
Please, Joe.
- OK. Let's go.
- All right.
And you honestly expect me to believe
this cock-and-bull story, Private?
It's the truth, sir.
The sergeant's working with Ortega.
And they may be behind the hijackings.
Colonel, may I suggest that we run up
some men, and go kick some ass... sir.
I've known both of these men for years.
The sergeant's my most trusted man.
We went through the war
together. You know that.
Dad, can't you check out
Joe's story before it's too late...
...and the missiles get shipped out?
Tell you what I'll do. To eliminate any
doubt you might have on this matter...
...l'll launch a full-scale
investigation, starting right now.
We'll find out if this man's
story is true or not.
Hello, this is the colonel. Would you send
a squad of MPs out to my house now?
What? When?
Yeah, I hear you.
Right away.
Well, the ball's in motion.
Let's relax and have a cup
of coffee while we're waiting.
Ooh, I told you so.
Sergeant, arrest this man.
Draw up the papers necessary
charging him with manslaughter.
- What are you doing?
- Get him outta here, and this time...
...make sure he doesn't escape.
- No, please!
- Stop it, Patricia. Stop it.
He killed an officer while escaping the
stockade. This man has a criminal record.
He served time in prison
even before joining the army.
He's no good for you, Patricia.
Is it true, Joe?
Take him.
Get him! That son of a bitch.
Don't let him get away!
That son of a bitch.
Follow him! Follow him!
Stay right there. Stay right there.
Fuckin' bastard.
That way.
Shit! Get outta here. Get outta here!
Move your ass
or I'll blow your fuckin' head off!
- What's the problem? I was sound asleep.
- You said this operation was foolproof.
It is, my friend. Let's talk inside.
This Joe has only been
a minor inconvenience.
The shipment will go out
tomorrow as scheduled.
- No one can stop us now.
- It's gone too far.
Too many people know.
We've lost the sergeant and four men,
and the bastard's
Американский ниндзя Американский ниндзя

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