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- Joe's all right, right?
- Right.
Ain't this a bitch? I've been instructing
martial arts in the army for many years...
...and you've got some sharp moves.
Who'd you study with?
Nobody. I just picked up a few things
here and there, in the streets.
In the str...
Well, look, thanks for the demonstration.
That's the lesson for today, guys.
If you can get your opponent off balance,
you use his own energy to defeat him.
- Get your ass in my office.
- But Sarge, he was just...
Don't try to cover up for him, Jackson.
I saw the whole thing. He started it.
- Sarge, you got it wrong.
- Knock it off. He's not worth it.
The guy's trouble. Move it.
Still on the shit list?
Till they decide whether to
court-martial me or not. Go ahead.
Ah, man, that ain't gonna happen.
You know, Charley said six ninjas
went after you and Patricia.
Those guys aren't amateurs,
and neither am I.
Now, level with me.
Where'd you learn those moves?
And don't give me that look. I know it's
not from the streets. I'm from the streets.
I don't know where I learned 'em.
I just know 'em. As far back
as I can remember, I just know 'em.
Come on, gimme a break, will ya?
Look, your moves are too perfect.
Somebody had to teach them to you.
- It's a long story.
- OK.
I lost my memory a few years ago.
My whole childhood is
completely wiped out.
I remember bits of things sometimes,
but they're like dreams.
I can't seem to figure 'em out.
Look, I still think you can make some
good use of those fancy moves of yours.
You know, you and I, man,
we could make a staged exhibition.
You know, like wrestling, in the States?
The crowds go crazy for that kind of stuff.
I don't like crowds.
Look, Joe, read my lips.
We can make some easy money.
Look, Jackson, I don't wanna fight, I don't
like crowds and I don't need money.
Miss, we'd better get going.
There'll be a lot of trouble
if we don't... leave now.
Yeah, you don't need money.
Hey, what do you need?
Glad to see you're still human.
She's cute, isn't she?
- Who?
- Who?
You may have kicked my ass,
but you did not make me blind.
- Jackson, she's the colonel's daughter.
- I know, but nobody's perfect.
But she is cute, isn't she? Isn't she?
Huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're tinglin'. You're tinglin'.
I knew I've touched something again.
Boy, you sure are lucky goin' back
to California. I wish I was.
You couldn't tell by lookin' at me,
but I'm a famous surfer.
- I love nothin' more than wiping a few...
- Charley, stop the car.
- What's wrong?
- Stop the car.
What is it? Hijackers?
I gotta get you home.
- Listen, you gotta do me a big favour.
- No, I can't. I can smell trouble already.
Charley, there'll be
no trouble if you keep quiet...
...and take me back home
right now. I'll explain it all later.
OK. Hey, listen, you through thinkin'
about those exhibitions yet?
Cos we can make a great team. We could
quit the army. We'd make a fortune.
- Maybe Charley can help you.
- No thanks. Sweating's bad for ya.
It means you're puttin' forth effort.
Jackson, you gotta help me.
I set myself up with a date with this girl,
but the colonel's got me runnin' errands.
In 30 minutes, I'm to meet her
at the country club, and I won't make it.
Could you run a note over there
and tell her I'll be late?
I hate to burst your bubble, but I can't.
I have to report in a few minutes.
Ah, shit. Man, I hate to lose this chick.
Jackson, she thinks I'm intense.
- I'll get her the note.
- No, no, you can't.
- You're confined to the base, man.
- I'll be fast. No one will notice.
- Are you sure?
- Do you want her to get the note?
She'll be on the balcony, wearin'
a white dress. You cannot miss her.
Jackson. I'm gonna need your bike.
Oh, man, that's my baby. That's my
life's blood. You sure you can handle it?
Look, Joe, call me a worrywart,
call me irresponsible...
...but how do you plan to get off the base
without the MPs catching you?
Американский ниндзя Американский ниндзя

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