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Американский ниндзя

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had any casualties
in these instances before.
We wouldn't have had any
if that new man hadn't been along.
Your daughter'd be here right now, safe, if
he hadn't started acting like John Wayne.
That son of a bitch is gonna be sorry
he ever joined this goddamn army.
- Jackson!
- Yes, sir.
- Did you check the wounds?
- Yes, sir. I did.
- What the hell did you find out?
- Have you ever heard of ninjutsu, sir?
- The secret art of assassination.
- Yeah, I have.
Well, according to
witnesses' testimony...
...this massacre was the work of ninjas.
You have served me well, my friend.
Until today, your record was spotless.
But the truck with the most
valuable cargo got away.
Another incident like this, I might
have to shut down the entire operation.
(speaks Japanese)
An American ninja? What do you mean?
There is no such thing.
I do not lie. I know it is death to
teach the secrets to the westerner...
...but I also know there was
an American ninja there.
The buyers arrive tomorrow.
It's a multimillion-dollar deal.
Nothing must be left to chance.
This American, whatever
he is, get rid of him.
I guess it's goodbye.
Guess so.
Well, bye.
Look at me.
Don't I look absolutely ridiculous?
- No, you look good.
- Thank you.
Well, goodbye.
Thanks. Thanks for everything.
I suppose you think you're a hero cos
you brought my daughter back alive.
No, sir.
Because I've got half a mind
to throw you under the stockade.
Just what in the hell were you
tryin' to prove out there?
Nothing, sir.
We've got a touchy situation
with these rebels.
We're under standing orders
not to provoke any incidents.
There was nothing in
that convoy worth protecting.
Now we've got four
dead men on our hands.
There's gonna be an investigation.
You're gonna be court-martialled
and I can't help ya.
Get outta my sight.
- Do you have his record, Sergeant?
- Yes, sir.
- Well, let's hear it.
- Yes, sir.
Date of birth: Unknown.
Parents: Unknown.
Next of kin: Unknown.
A construction crew found him
on an island six years ago...
...knocked unconscious by an explosion
to blast a road through the jungle.
Brought back to the United States
with total amnesia.
In and out of foster homes. Hell, he's
got more last names than I could count.
Here it is. I knew it.
Aged 16, in reform school
for almost killing a man.
- That's correct, sir.
- Six months ago he got in trouble again.
Judge gave him a choice:
Enlist or go to jail.
Confine him to base
till we finish the investigation.
- Yes, sir.
- And keep him away from Patricia.
Yes, sir.
All right, men. I know our morale is low,
so now let's just go hit the showers, OK?
That's him, man. There's that
bastard I was telling you about.
Let's go.
Hey, Joe Hero. Did you
make out with the princess?
Did she put out a little bit
to thank you for saving her life?
Let's get outta here. This place stinks.
Four bodies to impress a girl.
Was a heavy price, wasn't it?
Wasn't it?
- Bienvenido.
- Hola, amigo Ortega.
- Welcome to the Ortega estate.
- Thank you very much.
- Welcome. Pasen, por favor.
- Mm, no estб mal.
- Hi.
- Janette.
- Enchantй.
- Juliette.
Very nice to meet you.
Quй cosas mбs lindas
tienes aquн en tu palacio.
Pero, es espeluznante
todo esto, ї verdad?
Everything that you see
here... it all belongs to me.
We are totally autonomous here.
We grow our own food, train our staff...
...and store our product
until the right buyers...
...such as yourselves, can take delivery.
Very impressive.
This way.
This is Shinyuki. He's responsible for the
beautiful landscape you see around you.
I found him when I bought the estate.
He was hiding in the jungle...
...in uniform, a Japanese soldier, who was
unaware for years that the war was over.
He never says a word. Well, hardly ever.
But as you can see, he is truly an artist.
Ah, very impressive.
This is my private army.
In addition to ensuring safe
Американский ниндзя Американский ниндзя

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