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Fuckin' bastard.
That way.
Shit! Get outta here. Get outta here!
Move your ass
or I'll blow your fuckin' head off!
- What's the problem? I was sound asleep.
- You said this operation was foolproof.
It is, my friend. Let's talk inside.
This Joe has only been
a minor inconvenience.
The shipment will go out
tomorrow as scheduled.
- No one can stop us now.
- It's gone too far.
Too many people know.
We've lost the sergeant and four men,
and the bastard's got away.
- He could be anywhere by now.
- Calm down, my friend. Calm down.
Come, sit down.
He is a nobody.
Even if he finds someone to listen,
who will believe him?
Where's his proof?
No, it's too late to back out now.
- We can't risk it. We're not shipping it out.
- What about those you are trying to help?
Have you forgotten about them?
Without this, their country
could fall to the communists.
One more domino down. Who
knows what country will be next?
It stops now. Maybe later, when things
calm down, but now we must stop.
Let me tell you something, my friend.
For me, this is not a private
crusade for a noble cause.
I stand to make four million
dollars on this deal. Four.
And no one is going to
stop me from collecting it.
I give the orders here, Victor, not you!
What are you going to do?
Call out your troops?
Create an international incident?
It would be very easy for me to reveal
your part in this to your daughter.
What would your precious
daughter think of you then, eh?
We're not shipping it out. I'll be there
in the morning to take everything back.
Now you get out.
This has been
a very big mistake, my friend.
You have remembered well.
It was you.
- Before the explosion, it was you.
- It is time to remember everything.
The haragei.
I taught you that when you were six.
Do you remember?
When I was six?
When I was six...
...you taught me many
lessons of the haragei.
How to free the mind...
...of thought...
...and let the senses grow.
Yes, I remember.
You were just a baby
when I first found you.
I called you Joe.
That was the only American name I knew.
I conditioned your body and your senses.
I only teach you what you need to know...
...so that when the time comes, you can
take your place on the field of honour...
...and meet your destiny.
But then the explosion separated us.
The explosion.
There's so much I remember...
...but there's also
so much I don't remember.
I let you forget what you saw
before I found you...
...so that your mind
would not be clouded with pain.
But now you are ready.
The time has come for your final lesson.
These symbols will focus
the ultimate power of purpose.
- Zen.
- Koba-dera.
The koba-dera. Ninja magic.
Intong jutsu.
The ability to seem invisible, to cause
fear and paralysis in your enemies.
You are ready, my son.
I will be with you in deed and in my heart.
- Follow the Bushido.
- I will honour the code, Father.
Beware the Black Star Ninja.
He has taken the dark path
and has betrayed the code.
Then... he must die.
Magnifique. Right on time.
Everything is working perfectly.
Yes. Do you have the missile?
The missile is in a container with
everything else. It's all ready to go.
- Good.
- These are the documents...
...to get the shipment out of the country.
Everything is... everyone is taken care of.
- You can leave without delay.
- Thank you.
May I see the money?
Of course.
Not until we see the merchandise.
Of course. Right this way.
Who is he? Is he one of us?
The American ninja.
American! What do you want?
Kill him!
Get the girl.
I'll be right back.
It was a nice try!
But it wasn't good enough!
I have your girlfriend here!
You have 30 seconds to surrender,
or your girlfriend is dead!
Joe, don't do it!
30 seconds!
I know you can hear me.
Or maybe you don't like her
as much as she thinks you do?
- Very
Американский ниндзя Американский ниндзя

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