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place him under arrest...
- One moment.
Let me look at him.
What's the matter?
The sergeant? Oh, don't worry
about him. He's a real pussycat, really.
That's senor Ortega. He owns a big
plantation on the other side of the island.
Dad really likes him.
Arresting this guy is not enough.
- I want him dead.
- Dead?
There's an investigation
goin' on right now.
Could blow the whole thing
wide open. You sure?
And already I know
how you are going to do it.
Oh, come on.
Come on!
Like my bike?
Yeah. Yeah.
I had a nice time today.
So did I.
Would you like to come in?
I don't think I should.
I think you should.
Ten hut!
Come on. Get up.
We've got some soldiers in this unit
who think they can make a fool out of me.
They don't know I've been a sergeant
in this man's army before they were born.
Even before they were
sent to reform schools.
I understand you like
to do extra duties, do you?
- Uh, no, sir.
- No?
I heard yesterday you volunteered
to do some, didn't ya?
Well, don't worry, Charley.
I won't deny you that privilege.
You could keep doin' 'em
till I said you had enough.
And that's gonna be
a long time from now.
And as for you, hero...
...you believe my orders
can be ignored, right?
You don't like the hard work.
You'd rather be drivin' around town, right?
Well, I'll have you drivin', all right.
Report to the motor pool.
Sergeant Rinaldo told me to report here.
There's an assignment for me.
That one goes over to the warehouse
on the dock. You know where it is?
Thanks, I'll find it.
Hey, this warehouse five?
Where is everyone?
(sounds horn)
(rice falling)
Come on.
Pasa. Let's go.
It's here. Let's go and see it, ah?
Open it.
Ah, magnifique.
Just beautiful.
Goes on the shipment the morning
after tomorrow with everything else, ah?
Hey, you!
What was that?
Someone is in here. Lock
the door so he can't get away.
Everyone, look around you.
Wait a minute.
(speaks Japanese)
The ninja will take care of it.
Hey! Hold it!
Two of you, round the back, now!
- Is that the American?
- Yes.
We must stop him.
Come, this way. Come. Hurry.
- Who are you?
- You will know when the time is right.
- Our paths will meet again.
- Whaddaya mean?
Your karma and mine,
they are connected.
Telephone. Get me the sergeant.
(phone rings)
- Rinaldo here.
- He escaped the trap. I don't know how.
The ambush was perfect. And
listen to me, Sergeant. He was here.
He's seen the missile.
He knows too much and I want him dead.
I don't care how you do it.
The plan must proceed as programmed.
Don't worry about it, Victor.
He'll be taken care of.
Hold it right there, soldier.
You're under arrest.
I have to see the colonel.
My truck was hijacked.
My order is to place you under arrest.
You can tell your story to the duty officer.
Take him away.
Sir. I'm sorry to bother you, but
I believe a mistake has been made.
What is it, Corporal?
A man was picked up for being AWOL. I
may be able to explain the circumstances.
There's been one arrest today
and it was no mistake.
Unless you want to
question a direct order.
No, I don't. But could you
tell me the charges, sir?
Very serious. It has to do
with stealing military equipment.
- Expensive military equipment.
- Stealing military equipment?
I warned you not to involve
yourself with the man, Corporal.
Hey, you're a good soldier. Why don't ya
keep it that way? Stay out of this, huh?
But Sarge, this just doesn't sound right.
Couldn't his story be true?
- We've lost a lot of trucks recently.
- Yeah, that's true.
But he's always had witnesses before.
This time he was alone.
Now, losing a truck, in itself,
is a heavy-duty violation...
...which will result in serious charges.
He might have sold
the shipment to the rebels...
...in which case, he's gonna
sit for many years.
- But Sarge, it was a mistake.
- You don't know the man, Jackson.
He has a criminal record.
Американский ниндзя Американский ниндзя

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