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Американский ниндзя 3: Кровавая охота

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developed in the lab. Works well.
- What do you want from me?
- Nothing personal, my dear boy.
You're just a victim for this experiment.
By the time this gun's effect wears off,
- you will have outlived your usefulness.
- We'll see.
Ah, impatient one, how are you? I trust
this subject meets with your approval.
Very good. Come, relax.
I'll show you the ultimate test
in designer death.
I'm really worried about Sean.
Me too, but let's give him more time.
Time? Man, he's had enough.
We've got to do something.
I'm beginning to like your attitude.
No more wine, women and song?
That was before.
Time is running out.
We can't afford to waste any more.
And who are you?
- The only one who can help you.
- All right, start explaining.
Your friend has been caught
by the head of East Bay Labs.
He's known as the Cobra and he plans
to kill your friend. He must be stopped.
Unfortunately, my ninja are no longer
loyal to me. I need your help.
Now we got ninjettes.
Let's talk, sweetheart.
Not so strong, huh, ninja?
Take our soon-to-be-dead friend
to the ship.
If Cobra kills Sean with his virus,
he will prove to Andreas
how powerful they can be.
Let me get this straight.
He's selling out to a terrorist?
That's wholesale slaughter.
That sounds like real bad news to me.
Hey, don't underestimate that man.
He's not called the Cobra for nothing.
It's your call, Curtis.
OK, darling.
Let's go kick some ass.
We need to head for the docks.
(Chan Lee) The Cobra
will have injected Sean with the virus.
He'll be taking him to his ship.
(Chan Lee) Good. He's only just arrived.
(Curtis) But look at the state he's in.
He can hardly walk.
Where are they gonna take him?
Out of here,
so no one will know what Cobra's up to.
- Time to do it.
- Wait.
I go first. No slip-ups.
Cobra's not the forgiving type.
You just get there, ninjette baby.
We'll do the rest.
(gives battle yell)
Get out of my way.
(Curtis) Well done, ninjette baby.
(whispers) This way.
(ninja yells)
- Junior!
- Thanks.
- Wait...
- No time to explain.
On the contrary.
There's plenty of time to explain.
- Who's this?
- Cobra's partner.
Shut your mouth. Get away from him.
He's the only one of value.
I said move!
- So it's me you want.
- Uh-huh.
- And no sudden moves.
- You got it.
All right.
- No!
- Sean!
- We don't have much time.
- For what?
To get you the antidote.
No. That electronarcosis stuff
has about worn off.
He zapped you with a virus.
- We've got to get Izumo.
- Sean...
You are a kunoichi?
- Hensojutsu?
- I am a master.
Now I see.
- Izumo...
- Izumo was you.
I thought I was doing the right thing.
I did not know that they were evil.
It's time for action. Let's go.
The minister's secretary
is here to see Dr Saxon.
How can she make herself
into different people so perfectly?
Disguise and illusion. Hensojutsu.
- Hensojutsu?
- It's the ancient art of impersonation.
The kunoichi, the female ninja,
they're masters at it.
Where'd she go?
Machine-gun work?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- I'm OK.
- Good.
Look, if we don't get that vaccine in time,
you've got to kill me.
- What?
- If it doesn't work...
- It will.
- If it doesn't, and I lose it,
you gotta kill me.
You or Jackson.
Do you understand?
You know what we're up against here.
I have your word?
Yeah. You got it.
Let's go.
(alarm whoops)
(alarms whoop)
What's going on? Sirens are blazing.
The minister's unhappy.
It's all going crazy.
The Americans escaped...
and General Andreas is dead.
Andreas is dead.
This could ruin us, you know.
Get me Chan Lee.
The ninjas say
that she helped them get away.
Stupid incompetent idiot!
Well... they're turning against me.
It's happened before,
and I must say to no avail.
Alert the ninja.
I think we'll be having company.
And don't
Американский ниндзя 3: Кровавая охота Американский ниндзя 3: Кровавая охота

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