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Американский ниндзя 3: Кровавая охота

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you the most
fantastic scientific advancement
ever known to mankind.
Three more days.
That's not too much to ask.
The other guests seem content
to wait for your demonstration.
But I have never been a patient man.
Listen, my impatient man. I've given you
your power and I can take it away.
These nice peopIe seem content to wait.
So you be content.
ReIax. Have a nice day.
AII right.
Chan Lee. How are we doing?
I have never faiIed you.
He's not Iike the others. He's ninja.
Why have you chosen him?
He's gonna show peopIe
who Iive off the miseries of others
that they're vuInerabIe Iike anybody eIse.
I can't see why anyone wouId want
to stop a cure for disease.
I've seen men do a Iot worse things
than that. AII right? Just beIieve me.
We must find out
what they've done with Izumo.
(Dex) There's a Iot of cIues. We need
to put it together, make sense out of it.
It's time to pay a visit to East Bay Labs.
- How do we get in?
- Nobody's afraid of fIying, are they?
- OK. Do your thing.
- Piece of cake. I'II take care of it.
(Sean) Come on, Dexter.
Let's go, Junior.
You're mine.
- Can he reaIIy do this?
- I hope so.
Junior, come on.
- I'II teII you one thing.
- What?
- It has nothing to do with what you hear.
- OK, come on, do it.
- It's about time.
- Good.
Here we go.
- (Dex) Wow.
- (Sean) Boy, there they are.
Two of us have got a ride.
- I'm gonna try and get this truck started.
- OK. We'II get this.
(Sean) Curtis wiII wait
and get us out with the truck, aII right?
- You still with me, Dex?
- Right behind you, Ace.
Ever flown one of these before, Dexter?
Lots of times.
Whoa... Aah! Whoa...!
(Sean) When we hit the lab, l'll find lzumo.
You get Curtis inside with the truck.
- (Sean) Any sign of Curtis?
- Yeah. There he is. And he's cooking.
(Dex) Sean, is it OK if l go down
and give Mr Jackson a little hello?
l think we'd better keep our minds
on the mission, Dex.
No problem, Sean. lt's all under control.
(engine sputters)
- Sean, l've got a problem!
- Don't panic. Try the gas pump.
The line's burst. l'm going down!
Pull the engine cord.
- lt's not catching.
- Keep trying, Dexter.
Come on, baby. Don't do this to me.
OK, you got it.
Sean, l'm losing control.
Push up on the bar and level off.
Now try the engine again.
- Sean, l'm gonna hit!
- Don't quit, Dex. Start that engine.
You did it, Dex.
The engine will never make it.
l've got to try to land on that road.
That road's too rough.
You'll smash that thing apart.
l've got to do something right now.
You're gonna land
on the back of the truck.
- No way! l'll never make it.
- lt's your only chance. You've got to try.
- But, Sean...
- Do it, Dexter.
Just relax, Dex. Let the controls flow.
All right. Here l go.
- l don't like this, Sean.
- Careful, Dex. You're going too fast.
- That was too close.
- This is crazy. l can't do it.
Try again, Dex. This time l'll talk you
through it. Circle around.
Last chance, Sean.
The engine's gonna go any second.
Keep your front wheel up.
Steady. Now cut your speed.
Steady. Steady.
Now take her in.
(exhales) Way to go, Dex.
Thanks, Sean.
Wouldn't have made it without you.
(Sean) l gotta get to lzumo.
Wait for me outside the lab.
You guys be careful.
- Some Ianding! Was I good or what?
- Yeah, great.
Sky King, Iet's dump that baby. We've got
to meet Sean and Izumo outside the Iab.
CIose the door quietIy.
Let's go.
(muffled martial-arts drilling)
- (master shouts)
- (students shout in reply)
(they shout rhythmically)
(Dex) He must have got in OK by now.
Maybe. Let's just hope he found
Американский ниндзя 3: Кровавая охота Американский ниндзя 3: Кровавая охота

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