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arrest for
almost a month.
It's been 2 days.
Then why did i carve 30
notches on your banister ?
Because you're a vandal.
I found
a picture
of alf.
Let me see.
Be on the lookout for this
Hideous looking
space creature ?
Well, if that isn't a case
of the orbit guard calling
the cat rancher a hairball !
They're on
This is terrible.
You're right !That picture
looks nothing like me.
If my ears were that big,
i could pick up hbo.
We've got to
do something.
Brian, go to all
the telephone poles
and erase the ears.
I repeat --
Erase the ears.
Okay.I'll make
the nose bigger, too.
[Brian loudly]
hi, mr. Ochmonek.
[Mr. Ochmonek]
where's your dad ?
[Brian yelling]
he's in the garage
all by himself.
[Mr. Ochmonek]
thanks a lot.
See you later.
No.It's time i
took a stand.
It is a far, far
better thing i do ...
[Knock at door]
I'll be far, far
under the workbench.
Hey, trevor,
what's up ?
me nuts.
She made a sculpture
of the creature out of
mashed potatoes.
That is pretty
Watch it !
That's my wife
you're talking about.
I'm sorry.
She's just got a
wild imagination.
She used to think
you guys took a sip of
our milk every morning.
She's making us
the laughing stock
of the neighborhood.
I hate to
say it --
I think she's wacko.
The "lenny
scott show"
just called.
Lenny wants to
interview me on
tonight's program.
scott !
he ?
He has a talk show
With kooks and
wierdos on.
He ridicules them --
Then makes fun of them.
It doesn't matter --
I'm telling the truth.
I'm sorry.
I just hate to see
you blabbing this
all over the city.
The truth
must be told.
Finally, someone
wants me to tell it.
Not me.
Me, either.
Raquel !
I'm on my knees.
Don't do this !
The name ochmonek
always stood for class.
You were reincarnated
57 times ?
I see --
You're trying to break
shirley mclain's record.
Is raquel on yet ?
Lenny's still
talking to
the fat lady.
So, you were
lady godiva
in a former
Your horse must
have loved that !
Poor alf.
After tonight,
Thousands of people
will be looking for him.
I hope they don't
take alf away.
You hope they
don't take alf away.
You're eating popcorn
at a time like this ?
We're out of
potato chips.
Besides, i always snack
When i'm going to be
exposed on tv.
she is.
Our next guest is
raquel ouch-My-Neck.
[Audience laughs]
Thank you.
It's pronounced
I'll just call
you raquel.
So, what's your
story, raquel ?
The other day
I saw this in
my neighbor's
back yard.
[Audience laughs]
You saw
a pile
of mashed
potatoes ?
It's me --
Only lumpier.
This is a model of the
space creature i saw.
Must be from the
planet spud.
[Audience laughs]
Look who just
dropped in !
It's mr. Cuckoo.
He's chosen you
for his mate.
Are you calling
me cuckoo ?
Are you calling
her cuckoo ?
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo.
cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo
You're right !
He is mean.
Where ?
I'm going on a
hunger strike
in protest.
1st, i'll strike the cake.
Then, i'm going to
dive bomb the cheese log.
The creature took
a bite of that
avocado, see ?
It's the invasion
of the guacamole
snatchers !
Are you making
fun of me ?
Let's take our
1st caller.
howdy, yourself.
I want to say --
Mrs. Ochmonek knows
what she's talking about.
They're coming out
of the woodwork
Aliens do exist.
They've visited this planet
many times,
Although they don't
drink the water.
That voice --
It sounds
so familiar.
Folks, i'd like
to report a ufo --
An unidentified
flaky object.
I couldn't help
noticing your hair.
Is that a toupee, or
did you sprout polyester ?
It's alf.
Hello ?
He hung up
on me.
What ever
you to

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