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What's that ?
A ugandan
What's he throwing
at the camera ?
Never mind.
This is the part
i want you to watch.
[ Tv ]
the ugandan orangutan
had become extinct,
Except for this last male,
As there were no females
for breeding.
I know the feeling.
The last orangutan
was captured,
And isolated, until
its death last year.
 Scientists speculate the
animal died of loneliness.
[ Tv off ]
That was nice.
I think i hear the
reporter coming.
Don't you understand ?
You could end up
like that poor animal.
That won't
happen to me.
I'm one
of a kind.
So was the orangutan.
[ Gasp ]
[ Doorbell ]
Blimey, what have i done ?
Hide me !Hide me !
Where are
you going ?
I want to be alone.
Come on, keep me company.
I'm here for the media
event of the century.
It's been
Whiskey been
canceled, too ?
It figures.
Alf, are you all right ?
If robin leach calls back,
Just say, "alf who ?"
Alf ?
[ Yawn ]
Welcome to alf-Catraz.
How was the party tonight ?
Oh, it was okay, i guess.
Jake broke the pi?Ta.
Trevor bruised 2 ribs
diving for the candy.
Alf ...
What are you doing ?
When melmacians try
to drown our sorrows,
We gravitate towards
cheap, imitation porcelain.
I'll have you know,
this is expensive ...
Imitation porcelain.
We also eat more.
How is that possible ?
Our spare stomachs open up.
By the way,
Don't bother looking for
your laxative-On-A-Rope.
You mean my
soap-On-A-Rope ?
Trust me on this one.
Here you go, alf.
Wow, you really
are depressed.
I need something
to wash this down.
Got any ketchup ?
Coming right up.
Dad, we've got
to do something.
You may not want
to watch this, willie.
I've seen you
eat before.
[ Slobbering sounds ]
[ Kate ]
get out of this bathroom !
I'm going to take a bath,
and that's final !
[ Door slams ]
[ Alf ]
fine !I'll go sulk
in the kids' bathroom.
Before you do, alf,
could you come out here.
Sure, why not ?
It's not like i was born free
to follow my heart, or anything.
Surprise !
intruder alert !
I've been seen by a
vicious snarling mob.
[ Everyone talks at once ]
Hey, hey, wait a minute.
I know this mob.
We invited everyone
who's ever met you.
How's it going ?
Give me
five !
Here's four.
I owe you one !
How you doing, alf ?
Larry, my shrink !
Nice to see you
when i'm not wacko.
I challenge that.
Grandma dorothy.
How's your much
younger husband, wizzer ?
Always a pleasure.
Jody is here.
Citizen cane !
Nice to see you.
Nice not
to see you !
Ha-Ha, what a kidder !
Watch out for the lamp !
Alf, we wanted
to show you ...
Your world isn't as
limited as you thought.
It's not the same as going out
and making new friends,
But we hope it helps.
I couldn't ask for more.
Where are the presents ?
Presents ?
We gave you presents
at christmas and
your birthday,
And on st.
Melmac's day,
Which i doubt was
that big a holiday.
Hey, forget the presents.
I guess it's enough
that my friends ...
And dorothy,
are here.
Surprise !
Oh, boy !
Friends with presents
are the best kind ...
And dorothy.
[ Laughter ]
[ Alf ]
i'll open your
present next, jody.
[ Jody ]
i'll have to take
your word for that.
[ Laughter ]
A sweater !
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You can get rid of that
ratty one you're always wearing.
I'd better start
using a conditioner.
She thinks alf's fur
is a sweater.
Didn't i
warn you ?
Jody doesn't know
alf's an alien.
What ?
I told her about alf
eating your tennis racket ...
Because he thought the
strings were made of catgut.
Hey, thanks, dorothy.
I always wanted to learn
how to play jai alai.
It's a dustbuster.
I know that.
I was being whimsical.
I thought you could
get off your duff,
And do a
little housework.
You shouldn't have.
I really mean it !
Alf !


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