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V.P. ?
I'm sure we
can be there.
Come at 8 and we'll
break the pi?Ta at 9.
A pi?Ta !
Let me at it !
Oh, alf, you know you
have to stay here.
Great !A party
where stuff gets broken,
And i can't go !
Hi, alf.
Didn't you see the sign ?
"Genius at work."
I'm sorry.
I didn't make
the connection.
Since you're here,
check this out.
"Do not be afraid.I'm a
superior being from melmac.
Even on melmac, i was
considered above average."
Of course, they did
grade on a curve.
Read on.
"I'm not a god.
"There is no
reason to kneel.
if you insist."
Works for me; you ?
I assume this is more
than a typing lesson.
It's my
press release.
I've decided to reveal
myself to the world.
Then, i can meet
new people, travel,
See a
"grateful dead"
I don't think the authorities
would let you out in public,
Much less
become a deadhead.
You'd become
government property.
Fine, as long as
i've got my freedom.
Don't you understand ?
You'd have no freedom.
Are you saying
i'd have no freedom ?
Yes !
Think about it.You'd be
a specimen on a shelf.
You'd be alone in a lab.
Doomed to spend
every day in isolation.
Look at this.They've
got me wired for cable.
Let me see.
Which was the button
for a cheeseburger ?
Uh ...
Ahhh !
That's not it !
Uh ...
Ahhh !
I've got to label
these buttons.
Great.I wiped out half my
childhood memories for celery !
Hey, you !
Come here.
Yes ?
How did you get
out of your cage ?
I work here.
I'll give you $5
to let me out.
$10, if you clean the
cage while i'm out.
Can't do it !
Please.I've got
to get out of here.
I've got a family.
I've got a life.
I've got a cake
in the oven !
You should've
thought about that
before exposing yourself,
Specimen alf/1.
I'm not a specimen.
I'm a spaceman.
Get the teeth fixed, boris.
Ahhh !
I guess there's still
no word from the governor.
You're living in
the dark ages, willie.
What would happen
if you went public ?
If i revealed myself,
I could be a star.
Could not.
Could too.
I might even get
my own tv show,
A poignant drama
about my generation.
We'll call it,
"230 something."
Keep dreaming.
It's not a dream.
This could really happen.
Maybe i'll host a talk show,
like david letterman.
I have a gap
between my teeth.
Yes, yes.
My, oh, my, we're having
some fun tonight.
on "stupid pet tricks,"
You'll see a cat do a
50-Foot dive into my mouth.
Ha-Ha !
[ Crash ]
I almost forgot --
Say, "hello"
to willie tanner.
[ Applause ]
Hi, babe.
I want to thank you
for bringing me on board ...
After you fired
paul shaffer.
You're welcome.
Willie boy -- He does it all,
Including my laundry.Ha !
What ?
You've got a
vivid imagination.
And a surprisingly
big ego, "babe."
You're close to losing
the bandleader gig.
I don't want to
be a bandleader.
Just think, before you
do something stupid.
Would inviting 10 newspapers
to a press conference,
Be considered stupid ?
Yes !
Too late !
You called
10 newspapers ?
And a couple of
tv stations.
Tomorrow at 1 pm,
I shall expose myself
to the world.
No !
You're right.
Maybe i should
put on some pants.
No reporters yet.
I can't
believe it.
This is the worst thing
alf has ever done.
Maybe they thought
alf was a crank.
At least one reporter
is coming.
I promised him whiskey.
Why are you dressed
in that getup?
Showmanship, babe.
My real space suit
looks like a hefty bag.
Look, i just
want to be free.
As free as
the wind blows,
As free as
the grass grows,
Born free, to
follow my heart.
We understand, but
you've got to realize --
Live free, as
beauty surrounds me.
The world still
astounds me.
Hi, dad.
Did you
get it ?
i got something
for you.
A coming-Out
present !
Not exactly.
A video tape.
All right !
Wait, this is
a documentary.
Just the antidote
for my boredom.
I want you
to watch


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