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breakfast ?
i'm having it.
How about some
tomato juice ?
Plain ?
We've got to go.
Great to see you !
I hope things
work out.
mrs. Norris.
It was great
seeing you.
Same here.
I have so much
respect for you.
I'd like to be
like you someday.
[ Crying ]
What'd i say ?
It's okay.
Rough night, huh ?
No rougher than usual.
I don't know how
to say this.
Are you aware of
how much you drink ?
I drink no more than anybody
else.I can handle it.
I'm not so sure.
I think you might
have a problem.
Oh, kate.
I had a huge fight
with my husband.
I'm under a lot
of pressure.
It helps me relax.
I don't have a drinking problem.
I had a few drinks because i
was happy to see everybody.
I had 1 or 2 more before i
went to bed, but that was it !
Wrong !
Sammy !
Kate, do you see --
She can't see or hear me.
Only you can.
I'm your drinking
pal, remember ?
See what ?
I don't see anything.
There's a little guy ...
right there ?
Go ahead, describe me.
And tell her about the
dog in the cowboy suit.
There's this little man that
i see sometimes when i dream,
But i've never seen him
in the morning.
I usually sleep in.
Is this someone you see
after you've been drinking ?
Yes, sometimes, but it
doesn't happen often.
I'll bet kate asks
how long you've
been seeing me.
Uh ... how long has
this been going on ?
Oh, a couple of weeks.
How long ?
A year.
1 year ?
2 or 3 years.
All right,
7 years.
That's a
long time.
I know.
Have you discussed
this with john ?
We talk
about it.
That's what
we fight about.
He thinks i'm an --
Booze hag ?
An alcoholic ?
Yes, but
he's wrong.
Maura, look
who's here.
Your imaginary
drinking buddy,
At 7:30 in the morning !
You want to be stuck with
that the rest of your life ?
Why don't we call
the betty white clinic ?
Betty ford.
What ?
I was thinking that now would
be a good time to get help.
There are places you can call
that know how to handle this.
Honey, i just hate
to see you so unhappy.
Maybe i ought
to think about it.
Good.I hope you
never see me again.
Maybe it was the
betty boop clinic.
Huh ?
Alf, there's another
food catalog.
The cheese log issue !
Listen, it's
from maura.
"Since my visit, i've
started to rebuild my life.
"It's difficult, but i've found
an extremely supportive group,
"So at least i'm not alone.
I'm even starting to like
plain tomato juice, ha ha."
I hate it when
people write in
laughs like that.
At least she didn't
write, "i kill me."
"I'm anxious to have you
over to dinner soon.
B.Y.O. Soft drinks."
Did she invite me ?
She didn't mention you, sammy.
After all i did for her,
she pretends i don't exist.
I'm sure she's grateful.
But, you know,
We're the only ones
who know what you did.
We owe you one.
A big one ?
A big one !
Great ! Cheese log #37.
Muenster madness,
50 lb. Size -- $99.95.
Ha !She walked right
into that, didn't she ?
She certainly did.
Ha ha !
$99.95 ?
It's a lot of cheese.
Be thankful i didn't
get the nell carter ball.
Captions performed by
captions, inc.Los angeles, ca
Captions copyrighted
by alien productions.
All rights reserved.$300 in phone
calls ?
I've been bored.
Half of these are
to lynn's phone.
I've been
lazy, too.
You federal expressed
a letter to brian ?
It absolutely, positively,
had to be there.
[ Knocking ]
Hey, tanners.
It's us !
Alf ... kitchen.
No problem.
I'll call a cab.
You'll walk !
Now !
One day, i'll walk
into that kitchen ...
And keep on walking !
[ Crash ]
ow !
trevor, raquel.
What's up ?
Tomorrow night we're
having a surprise
party for jake.
To celebrate his
passing 8th grade
after only one year.
He's so smart,
it's scary.
A $300
phone bill ?
Yes, that's
our phone bill.
Most are to
lynn's phone.
We're a close family.
What's your


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