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fish sticks.
Captions performed by
captions, inc.Los angeles
Captions copyrighted
by alien productions.
All rights reserved.I can see myself.
Can i go now ?
Not until
you see yourself
in the silverware.
Who's coming to dinner ?
The smudge police ?
They're my
college roommates.
I know.
Rent a sense of
humor, will ya ?
They only come
once every 4 years.
I don't like you
ridiculing my efforts.
Fine.From now on
i'll be a "yes" alien.
[ Knocking ]
Coming !
Hurry up,
we've got groceries.
You can't come in.
We just polished
the doorknob.
Alf !
Wow !Look at
that sign !
What sign ?
Aaaah !
Alf ?
What ?
When, how, why
did you do this ?
Half an hour ago; crayon;
Seemed like a good idea.
Well, it's not coming off.
Maybe they
won't notice.
They won't notice,
because they won't
be coming here.
If i were paranoid,
I'd think this had
something to do with me.
Hello betty,
it's kate.
We can't get
together here tonight.
My decorator got a
little carried away.
No, i still want
to get together.
How about if we
meet on campus...
At the summa cum lately ?
Yeah, it's still there.
It's cajun now.
The same time
would be great.
You call maura.
I'll call sylvia.
Okay, see you then.
The best we can do
is paint over it.
You're going to
cover that up ?
That's like
covering up a rembrandt,
Or a winchell's billboard.
We're painting
over it.
I have some beige
in the garage.
Beige ?Now there's
a commitment to color.
It will be beige, alf.
If you interfere
in any way,
You may hear the buzz
of a lady remington.
Waiter, a margarita.
Make that a pitcher.
Coming right up !
Tell me what
you've been up to !
We haven't been trying
cases before the supreme
court, like some people.
Next, you'll be
chief justice.
No chance.I smoked
marijuana once
in the sixties.
What have you
been up to ?
Same old thing,
selling houses
on the west side.
What about you, sylvia ?
Sold the card shop,
bought a stationary store,
Sold that, bought a paper mill,
sold that, bought a forest.
That's fantastic !
What are you
up to, kate ?
Well, not nothing.
I'm still a
wife and mother.
I have to stay home
and watch the children.
I thought brian
was in school now.
He is.She means
stay home and watch
"all my children."
A family of 5 --
Uh, 4,
Or any number,
Is quite a
Sometimes i wish
i'd gone that way.
The whole thing
seems so alien to me.
Yeah, that's
another thing.
We have to get
to the airport.
What are the chances of
you flying up next year ?
Never mind.
I'll come down.Bye.
See you later.
See you next year.
Maura, i've got
to go in a minute, too.
I just want
to tell you,
How proud we
are of you,
How much i respect
what you've accomplished.
I meant that as
a compliment.
Oh, kate.
I can't go home.
Why, what's
happened ?
John and i had a
terrible fight.
Can i stay with
you tonight ?
Ah ... no.
Uh, no.
I mean, of course.
Thank you.
Let me make a
quick phone call.
[ Telephone rings ]
Hello ? Dad,
it's for you. It's mom.
I'll hold the brush.
Okay, but
don't paint.
I won't.
Don't eat it.
He didn't say
not to lick it.
It's implied.
Rats !
Hello ?
Hi, it's me.
What's the matter ?
Nothing really.
I'm with maura and she
wants to spend the night.
Here ?
Yes, she had a
fight with john.
She's upset.
Can we manage it ?
The sign's almost covered.
We just have to hide the artist.
We'll be home in 30 minutes.
She can sleep on the couch.
That's no problem.
Whoaaaa !
Alf !
Can she sleep
on the floor ?
Hi !
Hi, maura.
Welcome to our
humble abode.
Thanks for
taking me in.
I hope this isn't
I hope you don't
mind sleeping
on a bed.
there's a couch,
But we're
having it cleaned.
And burned !
I'm just glad
to be here.
I'll get a


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