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Excuse me.
[ Tv ]
... useful
aluminum utensils --
... get these
oriental knives.
 Plus, if you act now,
 You'll receive this
handy potato peeler,
This automatic
knife sharpener,
And this genuine bronzoid
weather vane.Call now.
I will !
I will !
What are
you doing ?
I'm buying
you a bronzoid
weather vane.
No, you're not !
Remember this when you
don't get a birthday present.
Please, not tonight.
I'm too tired.
Rough day at the
office, dear ?
You said --
You know,
i spent 6 hours ...
On that ...
Nobody in my office
likes where they park.
And on top of that,
I had to fire a guy, today.
Whoa !
Swing that ax !
I never fired anybody
in my entire life,
And i swear, i never
want to do it again !
That's what
george steinbrenner
always says.
Sounds like you're not
crazy about this new job.
I'm having
a little trouble ...
Getting the hang of it,
that's all.
Like my old skleenball
coach used to say,
"Find out what
you don't do well,
Then don't do it."
It's not that simple.
There are other people
and things ...
That depend on me.
I've got to consider
what's best for them.
This move is a big mistake.
I've got to do something.
Nah ...
that's too stupid.
I'll do it, anyway.
How long have
you lived here ?
All of our lives.
We don't want to move.
If we buy this house,
you can come visit it.
Call, first.
What about the
neighborhood ?
The ochmoneks take
getting used to.
Ochmoneks ?
You can spray for
those, can't you ?
Oh, no.Those
are our neighbors.
You probably
wouldn't like them.
Lynn !
Although, they're
super people.
Perhaps you'd like to
look at our ample closets.
I can fix that.
[ Crash ]
I'm not sure
i can fix that.
That's okay.
Howard will fix it.
He's handy
with tools.
Yeah ...
lucky for me.
Honey, look at
the fireplace.
What was that ?
Just ...
Why don't we show
you the kitchen.
Yes, that's where
the dishes are.
Alf ?
It's got to be.
What an interesting
little kitchen.
This will be great
once we change it.
Howard is handy
with tools.
Yes, you
mentioned that.
That usually
doesn't happen.
Imagine our relief.
These are little things
that are easily fixed.
Its not like it's major.
[ Clang, clang, clang ]
Like the plumbing ?
Let me show you the
rest of the house.
Are you folks
hiding any other
little defects ?
Just one.
I'm going to
take care of it !
The bedrooms
are back here.
That's just
a fuse.
Who built
this place ?
The poltergeist
company ?
Was anyone ever
murdered here ?
Not so far.
The master
At first glance
it seems harmless.
We have wall-To-Wall
carpeting, and ...
This room is back from
the street and very quiet.
This, of course,
is where we sleep.
[ Crack ]
probably not tonight.
I think we've
seen enough.
Let's go.
Let me show you
to the door.
Oh, alf --
Could you get
them back in here ?
They didn't check
the bathroom.
I loosened every 3rd tile.
This is not the worst
thing you've ever done.
This is the 15th worst
thing you've ever done.
What was number 9 ?
What possible reason
could you have had for this ?
Nobody wants to move.
Including you.
How do
you know that ?
Because you're
a social worker.
What's that
got to do --
Follow me,
i'm being linear.
One could define "social
worker" as a person ...
Who works for the
social good, right ?
Then why are you playing
musical parking spaces ?
And firing guys ?
I also have to find a short
stop for the office ball team.
Just tell me this,
Why are we moving out
of a house we do like,
So you can keep a job
you don't like ?
I don't know.
I win !
Alf, how --
Hold on, kate.
Before we give him
the 15th worst ...
Scolding he's
ever had,
I think you
should know
Brian, lynn,
kate ...
How about if i get
my old job back and
we stay here ?
Yeah !
I'm not

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