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Why ?Fighting
is good exercise
for kids.
Not for the guy
on the ground.
Thanks, babe.
You're welcome, bub.
Anyway, where i grew up,
we were always fighting --
At home, school,
the pet store.
The pet store ?
Hey, i like fighting.
It made me what i am today.
The scrap metal business
is a tough racket.
Scrap metal ?
You can keep the can.
Is that a put-Down ?
I'm a scrap metal dealer,
not a garbage man.
I think you're being
overly sensitive here.
Oh, yeah ?
Well you're the goofiest
looking doofus i've ever met.
That doesn't bother me.
Dad ?
Those are just
words, brian.
[ Mocking ]
those are just
words, brian.
All right.
I've had my say.
I'd like you to leave.
Now that you know what
i do for a living,
I'm not good enough
to be in your house.
Would you
just leave ?
Why don't you
make me ?
I would, but
i'm too civilized.
More like sissified,
hey, doofus ?
You are out of here !
[ Crash ]
Yay, mom !
Let's hear it for
kate "boom boom" tanner.
You realize what
you did was wrong.
Yeah, i know.
It's true, brian.
In spite of what
you've seen and heard,
Fighting is wrong.
Don't argue with them, or
you'll wind up in the trash.
Kate, when are you free
to mud wrestle raquel ?
In this corner,
Weighing in at
14 ounces,
"Mummy-Hamed" ali.
And in this corner
weighing in at,
None of your business,
Gordon "sugar ray" shumway.
[ Imitates a crowd's roar ]
Round 1 --
Ow, low blow,
low blow !
He hit you
in the nose.
Anything below my hairline
is a low blow.
Guess what ?
Bobby's not picking
on brian anymore.
He's scared of him.
That's what happens
when your parents are...
"He-Man" and "she-Ra,"
masters of the neighborhood.
Weren't you in the
middle of a bout ?
I'm going to wrap
this one up, mummy.
Ha, ha, ha.
Take that !
Bet you didn't know
i could do that.
The mummy's not the only
one with a round bottom.
Body block !
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captions, inc.Los angeles, ca
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by alien productions.
All rights reserved.If line 65 ...
Is larger
than line 34 --
What are
you doing ?
I'm doing
willie's taxes,
And eating
his dinner.
Leave that alone.
What do you know
about taxes ?
I'm an expert on travel,
entertainment and depreciation.
You mean destruction.
No, destruction goes
under entertainment.
Hi, everybody.
Willie, how did
your meeting go ?
More importantly,
What are your projected
capital gains, if any ?
Strangely enough, i will have
a modest increase in income,
Because i've been promoted
to district supervisor.
You got it.
You're going to be supervisor
for all of los angeles ?
Not exactly all
of los angeles.
Fullerton ?
Uh, no.
Anaheim ?
Will you tell us,
Or should we get a map
and throw darts.
Actually, i'm supervisor
for all of san diego.
You mean we
have to move ?
It kinda
looks like it.
You are taking me
when you move, right ?
We might, if you stop
eating willie's dinner.
Hmmm ...
immediate gratification,
Versus long-Term security.
I'm thinking,
i'm thinking.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know it's early,
but i'm sure your dad ...
Will appreciate
you seeing him off.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
When you were a baby, you
used to wake us up at 6 am.
Boy, you really
carry a grudge.
I thought you were doing
the 30-Minute workout.
I turned off the tv when
that perky voice yelled ...
"Come on gang,
let's jazzercise."
* san diego, here i come *
* melmac's where
i started from **
Would you like
some breakfast ?
What do you think ?
I'll have the
bacon and eggs,
Sausage and ham,
liver and onions,
And chicken pot pie.
We're having oatmeal.
Even better --
My cholesterol must
be in the millions.
Morning, dad.
You guys didn't all
have to get up for me.
That's not
what mom said.
Hey, boss man,
Ready for your first
day as "head honcho" ?
"The big cheese" ?
"Mr. Dithers" ?
"Big cheese"
will be fine.
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