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gonna rip
my face off, huh ?
You know, i never
meant to say that.
I was upset about brian.
Please accept my apology.
You beat up
bruce lee ?
Not the bruce lee.
Not the karate
bruce lee.
In fact his name
was actually herman.
Won't you
come in ?
Oh, i get
the picture.
You talk tough on the phone,
but can't back it up.
Basically, yes.
This must be
mrs. Weasel.
So pleased to meet you.
Why did i come over ?
I could have just sent bobby.
Say, i said
i was sorry.
If you're not
big enough --
Is that a crack
about my height ?
I have beat up bigger
guys than you, four eyes.
Ha. Ha.
Four eyes.
Very original.
What's happening ?
Mr. Duncan called
dad "four eyes."
Ha ha.
Oh that duncan.
What a yo-Yo.
Shh !
We just want your son
to stop picking on brian.
Bobby told me your son
threw the first punch.
Because your son
called me old,
ugly, and dumb.
Ugly ?Better get that
kid some glasses, huh ?
No, better make that contacts.
Right, four eyes ?
That joke gets less funny
every time i hear it,
Mom, dad,
is it time
for church yet ?
Are you trying
to get your daddy
out of a fight ?
Guess whose idea
that was ?
I don't need my daughter
to keep me from fighting.
No, you can run from
fights on your own.
That's it.
I'd like you
to leave now.
Oh, i'm scared,
i'm scared.
I've heard more than
enough from you.
Is that so,
sissy boy ?
Yes, it is.
You obnoxious
little man !
[ Crash ]
Way to go, four eyes !
willie ?
No sweets for
"boom boom" tanner.
He's in training.
I'm not in training.
I got you a fight
with mr. Hurlbut
down the street.
Mr. Hurlbut
is my friend !
Not after the way
"you" talked to him.
Stop calling people !
Don't hit,
don't hit !
What i did was wrong.
I feel very bad
about it.
Honey, don't
torture yourself.
Yeah, the bum
deserved it.
He was a short,
beady-Eyed loudmouth.
Unlike anyone
we know.
I'm not beady-Eyed.
[ Doorbell ]
Who could that be ?
Hard to say.
I called so many people.
Everyone wants to take
a poke at the champ.
I'm glad mike tyson
lives in new york.
Actually, he's thinking
of moving out here.
Hey, that's what his
girlfriend told me.
Hi, tanner.
Whatever i said
on the phone,
i'm sorry.
I just came over to
congratulate you, killer.
It's "boom boom."
Everyone is talking
about what willie did
to that awful mr. Duncan.
How did they find out ?
From me, of course.
There's 3 ways
news can travel --
Telephone, telegraph,
and tell raquel.
So give us a
I never meant
to hurt him.
I was trying to teach
brian not to fight.
You really pounded
that lesson home.
I'm afraid so.
Don't feel bad.
Mr. Duncan deserved it.
He had the nerve
to complain...
About trevor burning
tires in our yard.
Like i can
control the wind.
If willie can beat
trevor and mr. Litwak,
We can get a bigger purse
when he fights mrs. Byrd.
We'll only take the purse if
they throw in matching shoes.
 Is everything settled ?
Duncan's on his way over
to talk to me in person.
Where's brian ?
Is he going to sing
the national anthem ?
I want him
to be here...
To see that i can solve
these things without fighting.
He's in his
[ Doorbell ]
Good luck,
Remember it's your title.
He has to take
it away from you.
Brian ?
All right, tanner.
I'm back.
Please come in.
What is it ?
I wanted you to
meet mr. Duncan.
This is my son, brian.
This is the kid
that gave my kid
the black eye ?
You really gave bobby
a black eye ?
I mean i hope
he's okay.
Can i get you
anything ?
How about a beer ?
Of course.
It is almost noon.
Nice walk.
my wife.
What's going on ?
Mr. Duncan likes
the way i walk.
Me, too !Especially when
you're carrying dinner.
That man gives
me the creeps.
How can you say that ?
Willie's your father.
I was talking about
mr. Duncan.
Oh, right.
I'm just trying to get
our kids to stop fighting.

- 1980

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