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boarded up.
Vince threw the mailman
through it last week.
[ Loud knocking ]
That looks like
quite a drop !
Don't be a wuss.
[ Crash ]
Why did you give alfina
to that mean lady ?
I'm not playing with
you anymore, ever !
Dad, where's alfina ?
I'm sorry, brian.
I couldn't
get her back.
Why not ?
Mrs. Buttonwood
only wanted the dog
So she could get $500
from the real owner.
It's all your
fault, alf !
He's right.
I got us into this.
I'll get us out.
Can i borrow $500 ?
I'll give it back
to you next payday.
You don't have a job.
I meant your next payday.
Stay out of this.
You're in enough
hot water !
So what's a little more ?
Hey, mutt,
move it or lose it.
[ Ring ]
[ Ring ]
Never fails.
Sit down to a nice home-Cooked
meal, and the phone rings.
[ Ring ]
I'm coming !
[ Ring ]
Psst, alfina.
It's me.  I've
come to rescue you.
[ Ethel ] hey dog !
Touch that tv dinner
and you're cheese spread.
We could throw water on
her, and watch her melt.
But we're
short on time.
[ Knock at door ]
Oh, great.
I need a doorman.
[ Knock at door ]
Hold your horses !
Hello, sweetheart.
I told you never to show
your jealous puss here again.
That's what i've
come to tell you --
I'm not jealous
anymore, twinkletoes.
I'm in group therapy
with a bunch of italians.
You'd do all that just
for me, studmuffin ?
Studmuffin ?
You only call me that
when you want to ...
Shut up and get
the mood music.
[ Vince ]
the l.P. Or the 45 ?
The l.P.
All right !
Come on, pooch.
We don't want to
stick around for this.
[ Laughing ]
No.  Some things are best
left to the imagination.
Yee !
You know, i'm kinda
proud of brian --
The way he was able to
give up the dog like that.
me ?
What about you ?
Valiantly risking my life
behind enemy lines
To reunite a girl
and her dog.
Where others
had failed before ...
Notably you, wilheim ...
We get the point, alfheim.
This time, you did
the right thing.
[ Whining ]
Captions performed by
captions, inc.Los angeles, ca
Captions copyrighted
by alien productions.
All rights reserved.What are you doing ?
Soaking up rays, babe.
Except your sun lamp
isn't working.
I've been here
for 5 hours --
5 hours ?
You're lucky you
didn't get sunburned.
Aaaghh !
Oh, it hurts,
it hurts.
Would you like
some cold cream ?
Just one scoop.
I'm on a diet.
It's for your nose.
That's where i'm trying
to lose the weight.
I'm talking about
cold cream;
Not ice cream;
cold cream.
Understand ?
You're talking like they're
two different things.
They are !
Aren't you listening ?
What is this ?
Healing through hollering ?
Brian, what happened ?
Yeah, you
look terrible.
I was in a fight.
Looking like that ?
Yeesh !
Ow !
Nobody does this and
gets away with it.
Unless they're
over 3 feet tall.
happened ?
I was in a fight
with bobby duncan.
Who is bobby duncan ?
Isn't he that smart-Mouth
little punk down the street ?
We have to
You beat up
his mother,
You beat up
his sister,
And i'll
eat up his cat.
We're not rumbling
with the duncans.
What started the fight ?
Was it over some woman ?
Kind of...
All right, brian !
It doesn't matter.
I don't want you fighting.
But bobby said you were
old, ugly, and dumb.
Well, even so,
Next time just
ignore him,
The little brat.
Mom, all kids think
adults are old.
And ugly and dumb ?
He's entitled to his opinion.
So, anyway,
i hit him.
Except, he hit
me back harder.
Over and over.
I know you think you
were standing up for me,
But you shouldn't fight.
Has he ever
actually seen me ?
I think i should
call his mother.
No !
But he might
beat you up again.
I'd rather get beat up,
than be called a snitch.
Yeah, that's the worst.
On melmac, some guy
called me a snitch...
Just because i turned him
in to the secret police.
When bobby saw me,
was i

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