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They're speed bumps, so
you don't go too fast.
I tripped over one.
You must have
been speeding.
What are
you doing ?
I'm making this house
safe for the sightless.
Well, it was safe.
Now, it's an
obstacle course.
We've really got
to find a way to
keep you occupied.
Well, i found one.
I'm putting curb feelers
on your shoes.
I have never scraped my
ankles against a curb.
Pure luck.
When you
first moved in,
You said
you were only staying
until i was settled.
I really think
i'm settled.
No, no, no.I'll tell
you when you're settled.
Of course, you
would know best.
Listen, alf,
Could you get
my keys from
the bedroom ?
No problem, my
little venetian blind.
[ Crash ]
ow, you stupid
speed bump.
for her,
not me.
Hello, willie.
It's jody.
Yes !
That's the problem.
Ha !
This braille stuff is easy.
Alf, i'm going down
to the laundry room.
Just follow the rope.
Ow !Kate, willie ...
i hurt my finger.
What am i doing ?
They're not here.
I'll have to
kiss it myself.
It's not the same.
[ Door bell ]
Who is it ?
[ Kate ]
it's us, alf.
Kate !And here i just
kissed my own finger.
Come on in.
Hi, alf.
What brings you to this
independent, carefree
neck of the woods?
We dropped by to see
how things were going.
Come on in.
Get the full picture.
It looks great !
And very ...
What have you
been doing ?
Labeling vegetables.
I'd hate
to be the guy ...
Who had to pound out
"war and peace" in braille.
Alf ...
jody called us.
Why would
she do that ?
Jody wants to
live her own life.
She thinks it's time
for you to come home.
That doesn't sound
like jody.
Maybe it was another blind
person, who got a wrong number.
I don't think so.
Well, if that's the
way jody wants it.
I'm back, alf.
Don't take off your clothes.
We have company.
Alf !
it's us.
It's the
Enough of the yakety-Yak.
Kate and willie, can you
give us a minute alone ?
Sure. Where should
we yakety-Yak ?
In the
Just follow the signs.
And make yourself useful --
Label jody's socks.
Careful, honey, speed bump.
I've been thinking.
It's time for me to go
back to the tanners.
Really ?
You knew that this was only
a temporary arrangement.
As soon as you were settled,
i'd have to go.
Well, i'm settled.
Well, i guess
i'm going.
before you go ...
I want to thank you.
I couldn't have gotten through
the past few weeks without you.
Hey, it was
Nothing ?Not
everybody can label an egg.
It's easier when
they're hard-Boiled.
It took a couple dozen
to figure that out.
Before you go,
I want you
to have this.
Wow !
My very own
braille book.
And you drew in the
meatballs for me.
I want to show this
to kate and willie.
Kate, willie ...
Pizza ?
[ Alf ]
where, where ?
These speed bumps
work great.
Kate, willie ...
i hurt my knee.
Can you kiss it ?
Lucky, i'm going
to show you ...
What it's like to be plunged
into a world of darkness.
Alf !
Kate, just in time !
The cat almost
got my tongue.
Give me this cat !
Bad, lucky, bad !
Now i know how
wile e. Coyote feels.
Closed-Captioned by
captions, inc.Los angeles, ca
Captions copyrighted
by alien productions.
All rights reserved.This is pretty
hefty punishment,
For breaking one
measly chimney.
Hey alf,
watch this !
It's a dog !
I can see that,
But it wrecked
your stick trick.
What was
to happen ?
That was it.
That's how
you play fetch.
Fascinating game.
Right up there
with watching golf.
You want to
throw one ?
All right, what
harm could it do ?
[ Glass breaking ]
[ Gasp ]
What are the chances that
the crash i just heard
Was the ochmoneks
breaking their own window ?
Slim and none --
And slim is
out of town.
Where did this
dog come from ?
She followed me
home from school.

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