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the alf home security system.
Now this place will
be burglar proof.
[ Sirens and bells ]
Wow !
Alf, turn
it off !
Off ?
[ Alarm
continues ]
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captions, inc.Los angeles, ca
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by alien productions.
All rights reserved.[ Hums ]
I wouldn't do that
if i were you.
Why not ?
Because i
might lose.
I'm sorry.
[ Telephone rings ]
Get that. I want to
plan my next move.
The who-Meister ?
Hang on.
It's for you.
It must be jody.
Hey, what's
happening ?
I saw that,
Your building's
going where ?
Condo ?
Where's condo ?
Oh !
Hey, no
You can stay here
until you find a
new place.
Why would
anybody mind ?
We have a slogan here --
"Welcome" --
It's on the mat outside.
Willie sends his love.
Okay, bye bye.
Hang that up,
will you ?
The door mat says
"wipe your feet."
Jody's blind.
She'll never know.
It's not that we don't want
jody to stay,
It's just that
we have a rule
that says --
No dating boys
with vans.
That rule
doesn't apply.
It's a good one,
You shouldn't have
invited a guest
without asking us.
Would you rather
i dated a boy
with a van ?
Why can't jody stay
for a few days ?
We put up with your
mother staying here.
That's true.
Willie !
She does that
nasal thing at night.
Yeah, that heeeeeeee.
All right !
We get the picture.
Doesn't jody have any other
friends to stay with ?
From this planet ?
No, she's very shy.
Just like me.
You ?
Shy ?
You should have seen
outgoing melmacians.
It was a planet
of game-Show hosts.
I'm sorry.
We'd like her to stay,
But it's just too risky.
How would you feel if you
were blind and homeless ?
With no one to turn to ?
I think alf
has a point.
You're darn right.
What is it ?
We can't turn our back
on someone who needs us.
Well, all right.
She can use the guest room
until she finds a place
of her own.
Great !
Thanks, lynn.
I owe you one.
One ?
Well, one today.
[ Crash ]
Almost perfect.
What was
that crash ?
A lamp fell off
the furniture.
That leads to my
next 2 questions.
A --
What was the lamp doing
on a pile of furniture ?
And b -- Why is the
furniture in a pile ?
Aren't you forgetting "c" ?
What's for lunch ?
Who piled up all
the furniture ?
why did you pile up
all the furniture ?
I stacked it, to get it
out of jody's way.
She'll be safe if she stays
out of the "falling lamp" zone.
let's rethink this.
Jody lived in
an apartment.
Jody had furniture.
Jody walked around
the furniture.
See jody.
See jody run.
Run, jody, run.
See the furniture.
See the alien move
the furniture back.
Move, alien, move.
See the alien
throw out his back.
See the alien
blame the tanners.
Lawsuit, tanners, lawsuit.
I think she's here.
Okay, everyone,
stay calm.
We are calm.
Then, show some enthusiasm.
Excuse me,
i'm not sure i have
the right house.
I'm looking for --
Jod-Meister !
This is the place.
It's okay.
Come on in.
I'm willie.
The patriarch of
the tanner clan.
Sounds good
to me.
This is my
wife, kate.
And this is
lynn and brian.
Nice to
meet you.
You, too.
Run around.You won't
bump into anything.
I hope you didn't
rearrange the furniture.
It was no trouble.
It was fun.
It will be even more fun
putting it back.
Oh, well then
you can do it.
Thanks for
letting me
stay here.
I hate to impose,
but i didn't know
what else to do.
You're not imposing.
We're glad
you're here.
And stay as long
as you like.
Yeah, alf did.
Time's up.
What's your guess ?
Uh, swiss.
Close, but
no cigar.
It's monterey jack,
swiss' country cousin.
Are you sure ?
There are holes in this.
I used a hole punch.
That's cheating.
All's fair in love
and "guess the cheese."
Let's play "guess the belch".
[ Burp ]
You don't guess who belched.

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