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the name for it.
He's from new york.
see you
Don't forget
the finger
Finger sandwiches ?
And you won't
let me eat cats !
I'm officer griswald.
If you will all
work together,
We can
stop crime.
Remember the
watch motto --
"Don't let them
knock your block off."
Ha ha ha
I don't get it.
It's just a
joke, mrs. Byrd.
You know,
"knock - Block."
That's just
Do any of you
know what citizen
patrols are ?
I do.
Teacher's pet !
It's just neighbors
taking turns walking
the streets.
That's right.
How many of you
are interested ?
Ya hah !
What's going
on now ?
The cop just asked
for streetwalkers,
And kate raised her hand.
Hey, i just call
them as i see them.
It would help if the
people out on patrol ...
Could report to a
central base station.
Does anybody have
any radio equipment ?
Short wave or cb ?
Willie has a cb
radio in his garage.
Your garage would probably
make a good headquarters.
Are you interested in
being the block captain ?
No, not really.
He's just holding out
for a captain's hat.
I nominate willie
for block captain, and
i move we buy him a hat.
All in favor ?
Let's nail this scum.
Can we carry clubs ?
Cb equipment ?
Walkie talkies ?
Cordless phone on
separate line.
Stupid-Looking hat.
That's really
unnecessary, alf.
Well, i'm upset, willie.
Why can't i be part of
this neighborhood watch ?
Because you don't
put responsibility ...
Into irresponsible hands.
That's not a reason.
That's a platitude.
Because i said so.
That's dogma.
It's worse than dogma.
It's dogma-Nure.
The answer is no.
But i'm the perfect
choice for this job.
I've got a
great voice.
And people will want to
know whose voice it is.
It'll be your
voice, willie.
I'm a whiz with
sound equipment.
A little less bass,
a little more treble,
A smidgen of static --
I'll sound just like you.
All i need now is
a hesitation coach.
I don't ...
Think --
mrs. Byrd,
Are you
out there ?
This is
the sentinel.
The sentinel ?
Yes, the sentinel.
Boy, that hat's
gone to your head.
Trevor, what's
the situation ?
[ Trevor ]
we're in front
of byrd's house.
[ Mrs. Byrd ]
get out of
my trash can.
I'm looking foryou think
my stolen stuff.I robbed
your house?
This looks like
my pizza crust.
I want a
new partner.
Hold that thought.
I'll be back
in one minute.
You can't run
this operation
24 hours a day.
You'll need relief.
And that's
spelled a-L-F.
N. O.
Just one shot,
all i ask.
I see you
as a fair man ...
With a stupid-Looking hat.
All right,
you want a chance ?
You've got it !
Go ahead.
Try to make these two
work as a team.
Give me room,
all right ?
I'll show you
how captain kirk
would handle it.
Can i wear
the hat ?
You have to
earn this hat.
All right,
ochmonek, byrd,
This is
the sentinel.
You two
knock it off.
Fight crime,
not each other.
[ Trevor ]
that doesn't sound
like you, tanner.
See ?
I told you.
[ Mrs. Byrd ]
you sound so much
more forceful.
See ?
I told you.
I want to see some
teamwork out there !
Like bartles and james.
shake hands.
[ Mrs. Byrd ]
he's been digging
in my trash.
Then, salute each other.
[ Trevor ]
all right, we're saluting.
Okay, at ease.
Well ?
It looks stupid
on you, too.
This is the sentinel
calling citizen byrd.
What is it this time ?
Suspicious looking character --
Vicinity of 164 hemdale.
I don't see anyone.
She's wearing a tacky fur coat,
and talking into her hand.
That's me, you dolt.
Outrageous coat, babe.
And i mean that.
Wait !There's another
suspicious character
on the next block.
Check it out.
Check it out yourself,
and get off my back.
Why don't i


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