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or what ?
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by alien productions.
All rights reserved.[Drill noise]
Alf !
[Hawaiian accent]
moolai mucka hucka
What are you doing
with my drill ?
Drilling holes.
Why ?
To get the straws
in these coconuts.
Want a hit ?
I suppose this means
there's another
"gilligan's island"
rerun tonight.
The ship sets sail for that
uncharted desert isle,
I think you're overdoing
this whole "gilligan" thing.
Why ?Because i'm making a
couple of skipper colada's ?
What about the bamboo
furniture you ordered
for your room ?
I sent it back !
It wasn't even
real bamboo.
It was that
Alf ! It's time
for "gilligan".
Be right
with you,
little buddy.
Gotta run, willie.
"Gilligan's" on.
Better hurry.
If you miss this episode,
you'll have to wait 3 weeks
Until it's on again.
It's people like you, who drive
quality programing off the air.
[Men on tv]
gilligan !
Skipper !
Bravo !
Author !Author !
Powerful episode !
so funny.
You're telling me.
gilligan --
The great ones make
it look so easy.
for bed.
Now ?
The kid just watched
"gilligan's island" !
He needs time for
the nuances to soak in.
They can soak in
in the bathtub.
Aye aye, mom.
Kate, did i ever tell you how
much you remind me of ginger ?
That's the same look of disdain
that ginger gives gilligan.
That was a compliment !
Boy, she's no fun.
Willie, we have to talk.
Speak to me.
Gilligan's island --
Why is life there so much
more exciting than life in,
Oh --
Let's say,
this house ?
Alf, you
have fun here.
Sure, when "gilligan's
island" is on.
That's 4 hours
every day,
right there.
I'm trying to make a point,
and you're doing jokes.
What kind of pie is that ?
Cliche in a crust.
Why did you have
6 pieces at supper ?
The question is --
Why didn't i have 8 ?
Because it is boring !
Just like
everything else
around here.
Not like on
"gilligan's island,"
Where every day
is topped off
By one of mary ann's
coconut cream pies.
I'm not going to
waste my time
Trying to analyze why you
find real life more boring
Than some ludicrous
situation comedy.
How erudite.
Reminiscent of
the professor.
If you're bored
with your pie,
can i have it ?
Guess not.
Anyway, this big,
fat native girl
from the next island
Eats ginger's
lipstick.Ha !
Then, before
gilligan can
marry her ...
Wait, don't
tell me.
She goes back
to her own island
And she leaves the
castaways stranded.
Did i give the
ending away somewhere ?
That's how every
episode ends.
They never leave
the island.
I must have overlooked
the pattern.
But don't
the idea
That you can
leave this room.
She's right, alf.
The fun's over
for tonight.
The fun never
stops on
Unlike other places,
where the fun stopped
during the eisenhower
Just go to sleep.
I can't.
I tried counting
Jumping over
palm trees,
But the skipper's
not the best
of leapers.
If you'll let us
get some sleep,
I promise we'll
get back to this
gilligan business
First thing
Maybe, we'll
even build you
a little lagoon,
all your own.
You'd do that
for me ?
And then maroon you
on the opposite shore.
Fine with me !
Aloha !
Willie, there's something
wrong with the bathtub.
It's probably clogged
with alf's hair again.
He refuses to vacuum
himself before he
takes a bath.
No, it's the faucet.
There's no water
coming out.
There's no water
here either.
hey, turn that off.
I'm losing pressure
out here.
What exactly are you
doing out there ?
It's a surprise.
He said surprise.
The dreaded
"s" word.
Alf, what are you
doing out

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