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forecasts 4-6" of snow
above 3000 feet,
And 12-14" in the mountains.
We'll play "white christmas"
for you, in just a moment,
But first, here's perry como
singing "toyland."
[Truck stops]
Yo !
going on ?
Who's that ?
Nice night,
isn't it ?
Get out of here,
and leave me alone !
do it,
george !
How'd you know
my name ?
Who are you ?
Do i know you ?
I don't know.
Do you ?
Wait a minute ...
You're that
toy ...
That's been
popping up
all day.
What are you ?
I'm an alien from
another planet.
How'd you get here ?
In my spaceship.
No, that's
not true.
You're a figment
of my imagination.
It is true.
You only
exist in my
Since i don't
believe in aliens,
you don't exist.
I'm debating with
william f. Buckley.
Oh, my gosh !
You're saint nicholas !
Saint nicholas ?
Santa claus.
You've got
a broad face,
A round
That shakes
when he laughs
like a bowl
full of jelly.
Let's not get
personal !
I'm going to do
something about this
after the holidays.
His cheeks were
like roses,
And his nose ...
like a cherry ?
Let's move on.
Why are you
bothering me ?
Aren't you supposed to be
bringing toys to children ?
You think that's
a one-Man job ?
In the old
days, maybe.
But now, i'm an
executive santa.
I have to delegate
responsibility to
people like you.
Why me ?
Who better than you ?
You made it possible for brian
tanner to experience a christmas
Like the one his father has
remembered his whole life.
You brought toys
to the hospital,
And you brought a smile to
the face of a dying child.
Whether you
know it or not,
 You've been making other
people happy all your life.
How do you know
all these things ?
Hey, st. Nick
knows everything.
I know when
you're sleeping.
I know when
you're awake.
I know if you've
been bad or good.
You know, the
whole ball of wax.
Then you know why
i can't go on anymore.
Margaret is gone.
I'm sorry.
You feel like you
lost your whole world.
Believe me,
i can relate.
But you have
unfinished business.
There are people
you're leaving behind
Who still need you.
If you knew anything
about christmas,
You knew this.
Christmas is not
about what you can get,
But what you can
give of yourself.
A little girl
taught me that,
Not so long ago.
I don't know
where she got it.
You're a good
man, foley.
I can't afford
to lose you.
Let's get this
truck on the road.
Come on !
We've got
things to do.
Where to ?
Take me home.
North pole ?
I don't think i
have enough gas.
Take me to see
willie tanner.
I've been thinking
about recruiting him.
He has a lot
of potential.
Oh, great.I've always
wanted to see how you
go down a chimney.
Yeah, me too.
Merry christmas, nick.
And to all
a good night.
Good night.
Thanks, mom.
Hot cocoa ?
This is the
worst christmas
ever !
I hear something
on the roof.
Santa claus ?
Probably not.
I didn't hear
any sleigh bells.
Well, here goes nothing.
It is santa !
It couldn't be !
Maybe it's a raccoon.
Willie, willie !
Owwww !
Alf !
Merry christmas.
You do look
so familiar.
And your voice
is so familiar.
I guess you must
remind me of someone.
Would you care for
some tea and cookies ?
Thank you,
perhaps later.
Right now i have
so much work here,
I don't know
what to do.
Unless i delegate
How'd you like to
be my assistant ?
What can i do ?
How about getting
me that wrench ?
No problem.
It's close enough.
Tiffany ?
We're the
We have a
mutual friend.
Alf !
Shhh !
Hi, i'm brian.
These are for you.
Hello, willie !
Mr. Foley !
Say --
Could i talk to
you a minute ?
It's not that we
don't appreciate this,
Because we really do.
We can't thank
you enough.
It's just that
I don't think we'd
be able to use it often.
Other people should
be able to

- , !
- ?
- '

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